Auslan Extra

Howdy Families, Carers and the Armstrong Creek community, 


Breaking news … Auslan Extra!


What is Auslan Extra? 


You are probably wondering what this means. Please read on to find out more.


On a fortnightly basis, the Armstrong Creek School newsletter will include a link to an Auslan video, in the form of a YouTube clip and/or associated resources. 


The purpose of regularly sharing these resources / YouTube clips is to provide access for the entire household to learn this wonderful language. The resources will align with the Auslan skills that have already been provided for students at school and will act as a reminder/refresher for the child(ren).  


If you are wondering how you might do this, it’s really up to you! You can either watch the videos together as a family / household or you could practise on your own (possibly in the evening) and then surprise your child(ren) the following morning by showing off your new skills!  


A new Auslan video will be created once a fortnight with the link included in the Armstrong Creek School newsletter. The format of the videos will vary. Examples will include the 3 ACS Auslan teachers Cara, Janelle and myself (Andrew), presenting information using English text. It will include the demonstration of Auslan signs for the relevant vocabulary, displaying pictures in the background with associated vocabulary.  


At times, the videos may include students engaging in learning with one of Auslan teachers with a PowerPoint in the background and/or others will feature teachers (those who are brave enough and willing to have a go) demonstrating Auslan vocabulary. The duration of the videos will be between 3 to 6 minutes.  


It is important to note that there will be no sound, however we will try to include written text and pictures in the near future. 


In this YouTube clip, basic greetings and vocabulary related to emotions is demonstrated. 

Break a leg/finger!