Torrens' Council

Inside Out!

At LNPS, we want to develop strong, confident and vocally active members of society. It's not about moaning about all the things they don't like, it is about finding alternatives and making suggestions about how things can be improved. 


Students who were elected as Student Leaders for Torrens' Council this year have discussed being able to give feedback about their learning experiences and the environment inside and around Torrens.


This semester, all students will be invited to write comments and post them in our suggestions box (located in the Aula). We have linked the comment sheets to the latest Disney Pixar movie 'Inside Out' so children can think about specific feelings that are sparked when making their suggestions.



Student Leaders and Torrens' Teachers will then meet to discuss the feedback and how we can continue to improve our environment, learning spaces and teaching strategies.


If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's well worth a trip to the cinema.



Following the great fundraising effort last term by Torrens students, any fundraising events this semester will be to raise money for small school projects around Torrens.


Student Leaders will discuss events for this semester and plan out potential fundraisers like lunchtime discos etc.