Reflecting on Semester 1

Bunnings Excursion

All Torrens' children were given a free visit, tour and goody bag from the Bunnings store in Woodville. We'd like to thank Bunnings' Co-ordinator Josephine Renshaw for her organisation, preparation and for welcoming us. We had a great time!


Here are several children's reflections about their visit...



When we arrived we were happily greeted by a welcoming worker called Josephine. She told us what we would be doing first. ‘My favourite part was planting dwarf peas into little pots’. Velvet


I enjoyed tasting some of the herbs and vegetables’ Rosie


We enjoyed visiting Bunnings warehouse because we got to know what they sell. 

Evie and Christos


Torrens Community Garden

Plant a Plant Day was another fantastic Torrens Council event. Students were involved in garden bed preparation and planting. A thoroughly enjoyable day - we hope to have another in Term 3.


It was great that we could all join in and plant in garden. Chaz

It was a great experience to do something besides our normal school work. Brynn


I enjoyed being able to go outside and do some gardening. Steffen



I loved how we all worked as a team together! Amelia