Specialist Subjects


In German in semester 2, students will focus on the topics of hobbies, food and Christmas. They will listen to and record information in German, ask and answer simple questions and survey others, recording and sharing the information they collect. German texts will be read, with students predicting the meaning of unknown words using the context. Students will write short sentences in German. They will learn about traditions relating to food and the celebration of Christmas in Germany.

It's All Greek to Me

It brings us great pleasure to present you EPISODE 3 of IAGTM. In this episode, George tells his family story. Hope you enjoy!


Health & PE

Mr Georgaris will again take LA18/19 and Mr Anton Starr will take LA16/17 for one PE lesson a week. In semester 2, the main areas of study will be on:




Dribbling, pivoting, defence, rebounding, lay up, set shot, leading, goal shooting, passing, modified basketball


Ball and court orientation skills, set pass, underarm serve, dig pass, mini volleyball game

Golden Ball

Throwing, catching, goal shooting, team play


Racquet and ball control skills, forehand ground stroke, service, backhand ground stroke, rally skills, volleying, modified tennis.




Individual, partner and group skipping challenges


Rolling, jumping, using a mini trampoline, balances, gymnastics circuit

Greek FLMD

Here is this semester's newsletter insert from Voula. Please read by clicking the attachment.



In science, our focus for Term 3 is Biological Sciences, including: 

- Living & Non-Living Things 

- Life Cycles 

- Consumers, producers and decomposers


In Term 4, we will be studying Physical Sciences including:

- Forces

- Heat