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Mrs Kate Thompson and Mrs Tracey Klitsch


'Getting Families Connected' Afternoon - Tuesday 26th July.

Next Tuesday, our teachers will be hosting a 'Getting Families Connected' session for parents and carers who are interested in building their understanding and skills in the various digital platforms that students use in the classroom and at home when completing school work. Please see the flyer below for more information. This session is targeted to parents and carers of students in Year 1 - Year 6. 

Important Notice: Change to sports uniform in Term 3

From weeks 2 - 6, students will be participating in basketball session for Sport on Fridays (29th July, 5th August, 12th August, 19th August and 26th August). Students will be required to wear their sports uniform for these days (as well as on Wednesdays).


Stage 3 Debating

In week 10 of last term, our Stage 3 debate team competed in their second debate against St. Edwards, Tamworth. The debate topic was 'Tests and exams in schools should be abolished' and we took the affirmative argument. Alex, as first speaker, introduced our team and confidently presented the first two arguments. He spoke of the unnecessary stress that studying for and undertaking tests put on students and the disadvantage that sitting tests and exams (which are independent tasks) gives students in developing the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity and communication. Our second speaker, Olive, spoke passionately about how students should not be known as a test score and that sitting tests does not allow students to show and be recognised for their character strengths. She also presented statistics on cheating, pointing out that tests quickly become unreliable methods of measuring student achievement and are therefore irrelevant and should be removed from schools. Charles, the team's third speaker, summarised the teams arguments and concluded with a powerful message on why tests and exams should be abolished. Jack represented the team as Chairperson and orchestrated the debate in a very mature and professional manner. The team spoke very well and presented many great arguments, however they humbly accepted defeat as St. Edwards were announced the victors for this debate. 

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