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Lost Rings

We currently have 2 lost rings in the office. If you've recently lost a ring and think one or both could be yours, please see Tegan or Wendy at reception.

Community Partnerships

Parish Bookshop Support

In 2019, we are looking to strengthen Galilee’s relationship with our parishes and our community. 


The program that we, at Galilee, have decided to assist in for 2019 is the Friar’s Bookshop that is held at St Peter and Paul’s. All books are donated to the bookshop and 100% of all profits support the outreach work of the Capuchin Friars and the work done around the parish.


This year we will be coordinating volunteers for the bookshop with the assistance of our year level representatives.


Each month, two nominated year levels will be asked to provide volunteers for a few hours to assist with the Friar’s Bookshop on a Sunday. *Please note that children are welcomed and encouraged to assist, however, they must be supervised by an adult at all times.


You will get an email from your year level representative with further information for your year level.


We hope that through volunteering with the bookshop, we strengthen our relationship our parishes and our local community. By doing this we are providing a living example to our children that in order to assist our community we must engage with those around us. 


We can always do more than just give money and food, we can be a living and breathing example of what Jesus taught us – to love one another and live out our school motto to live, love and learn.


We thank you in advance for giving up your time to volunteer and hope you find it a rewarding and purposeful time.


If you have any questions or any other suggestions of how we can be involved in our Parishes please email Carmen Carnovale at 


Many thanks.


Galilee and Albert Park Golf Course Community Partnership

Galilee are very excited to be forming a community partnership with Albert Park Golf Course.


Through this partnership we hope that Galilee and APGC can collaborate on in-house golf clinics with trained staff for all year levels as well as providing a fantastic facility for Galilee students to have excursions and potentially Community Sport in the future.


Albert Park Golf Course will be building a mini gold course dedicated to children. Their aims are to:

  • Bring golf to children and give them an opportunity to learn golf
  • Offer children one more option as a hobby
  • Make a contribution to childrens’ fitness and wellbeing.


They are having a naming competition for each one of the 18 holes for the new mini gold course. Albert Park Golf Course hope with this competition it will:

  • Allow children to use their imagination freely
  • Give children a chance to express their thoughts and feelings through the brief story with their submission
  • Help children develop an awareness of community involvement.


I have attached the competition flyer. We encourage all students to submit a name. 


We are looking forward to how this new community partnership will strengthen the community’s awareness about Galilee, but also, our awareness about the facilities and community centres in our area.


If you have any suggestions or contacts that you feel may be a good-fit community partner for Galilee, please contact Carmen Carnovale at


Happy golf-hole naming and good luck!


Miss Carmen Carnovale

Community Partnerships and Marketing Leader

Galilee Parents Association (GPA) News

Annual Fundraiser - Galilee Trivia Night - Saturday 27th July - SAVE THE DATE!



A huge thank you to the businesses who have so generously signed up to sponsor our Annual Fundraiser.   We look forward to promoting your business!  It is not too late to be a sponsor, please see the attached letter or contact Rebecca Giorgilli on 0439 331 164 or at or Annalise Woolley on 0411 166 473 or at for further details.  Sponsorships will be accepted until Monday 3 June which is the cut off so we can have all sponsors on the advertising boards.



Live Auction:  WE are still in need of Major auction items.  In the past we have had a dinner party donated by a chef, holidays, a surfboard, a signed print by an artist, a designer jacket and more.  If you have an idea let us know!


Silent Auction: We have started collecting donations for the silent auction.  You may personally be able to make a donation of a voucher or item for the live or silent auctions.  Or do you frequent a business that you could ask for a donation?  If you know of a business that may be able to donate please email or print out and take the donation letter to them.



Thank you to our Year 2 reps, Jess Brown and Malaya Toll, and Year 4 class reps, Deb Butcher and Helen Di Natale, who led the team of parents who generously volunteered their time to prepare for and run the junior and senior discos.  Over 200 children attended the evening and a fun time was had by all.


A huge thank you to the staff who also gave up their time to attend and help out our parent volunteers.


A shout out to the DJ for coming along on the evening.  If anyone is ever in need of a DJ for a birthday party please contact DJ Hutto at


Stay in Touch 

Follow the Committee Events on Facebook at

Email ideas and questions to the committee at

Parents Battle of the Bands

A packed Prince Bandroom last Thursday witnessed the Parents Battle of the Bands.  This was Galilee’s first time participating and what an experience it was.  The night started with Galilee mum’s Meegan Jia-good & Kate McMahon doing an acapella Welcome to Country song.  What followed was huge, the choruses, the singalongs, the ‘80s and ‘90s heyday revival, the over driven guitars and pounding of the drums created a crowd atmosphere of encouragement for all schools and camaraderie between bands backstage.  The night was also a rare chance to socialise with other local schools.  Congratulations to St Kilda Park Primary School for winning… but parents getting the opportunity to be rock stars for a night and raise money for their children’s school… win/win.  Already looking forward to next year’s event.


School Education Board

From the Chair of the Education Board


Dear Families,

Your School Education Board is here to support the staff and students of Galilee by providing advice on education matters relating to the school.  This includes the development of the school and the education and welfare of students.


The Board comprises of up to nine Parent/Guardian members, the School Principal, Deputy Principals and Parish Priests, by invitation.    Whilst your Board meets 10 times per year, in which the primary focus is on education and welfare advisory issues, the members are also fully committed to a number of projects including the Building Development Plan, Uniform Reviews, Policy Development, Communications Strategies, Strategic Marketing and local Grants submissions.  The Board members have also supported staff in a number of other welfare deliverables such as the newly purchased community-registered defibrillator. 


Membership of the School Education Board is both a unique privilege and a valuable opportunity – one in which we represent the Parent community direct to the School’s Executive Leadership Team.  It is wonderful that I can report on a collegiate and trusted team between the Executive members and the Parent members. 


In addition to Board roles, there are a number of opportunities for Parents/Carers to support many of the Board’s endeavours.  I am pleased to advise that we already have excellent support from the wider parent community for the Building Committee and Uniform Review team.  We are, however, now inviting expressions of interest for any Parents or Carers who may wish to be involved in our Marketing and Grant submission teams.


Our Parent Board members have children across the entire school community, from Prep to Year 6.  Feel free to come and have a chat and find out more!


Warm regards,

Michelle McCormack


GRCPS Education Board


  • Athena Romic (Peter, Nikolas and Paul, Year 1) - Secretary
  • Cameron Sinclair (Cody 6F) – Deputy Chair
  • Irene Wilson (Grace, Year 2)
  • Jennifer Robinson (Sammy & Sophie, Year 1)
  • Bernard Mandile (Silvana, Year 4)
  • Deb Butcher (Eliza Doyle 4)
  • David Gloag (Annabelle, Year 3 and Max, Year Prep)
  • Darren Catherall (Aiden, Year 4)
  • Michelle McCormack (Angus, Year 6 and Liam, Year 3)
  • Simon Millar
  • Danielle Gerecke
  • Carlo Martello 

GOSH - TheirCare

This week we have "Born to be a star" theme: during GOSH children have numerous opportunities to show their talents in different ways! Millie, Isabella, Zoe, Jessica, Imogen and others took part in a competition organised by TheirCare Head office (making the head office's wall design), on Tuesday we've created masks and children were testing the new basketball ring, on Wednesday we've made our own puzzles. 


Dear parents, don't forget that GOSH will operate on Friday, 31.05, between 7am- 6 pm, please provide your children morning snack and lunch.

Book now for tomorrow at