Learning and Teaching

2019 Sustainabiloty Market

After a successful Market last year, we are again hosting our Sustainability Market on Thursday 20th June from 3:25-4:30pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage in your child's learning and see what sustainable products you can buy. The whole school focus for Term 2 has been sustainability. Products are being brainstormed and made in classes at the moment and there is a great buzz around the school about how we can become more sustainable. A CareMonkey will be sent out asking for parent helpers. Money raised from the Market will contribute to the ever growing garden's around Galilee. We can't wait to see lots of families there!

English Night

On Wednesday 19th June from 6-7pm we will be holding an English night in the school hall for parents and children. We will be looking at our reading and spelling programs at Galilee and giving some tips and strategies about how you can best support your child with their learning at home.

Please bring your child along and you can both take part in some reading and spelling activities on the night. If you are interested please confirm that you will be attending via CareMonkey.

Year 6 News

Debate Club

The Year Six students have been attending Debate Club with Mrs Ferguson and Miss Biggs over the last few weeks. We have been learning about the 3 M’s: Matter, Method and Manner. We will be competing in two competitions this year.  


Matter refers to your arguments. A good way to think about Matter is to consider how you write text responses. A text response, like a speech, has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.


Method is the structure and timing of your speech. There are two elements to Method in debating, Internal Method and Team Method. Internal Method is the way your own speech is structured. Every speech should have a recognisable beginning (introduction), middle and end (conclusion). Team Method is the way your speech fits into the team’s ideas as a whole. Ideally, each team members speech should be consistent with each other, but with different and distinct arguments.


In debating the key is to persuade the adjudicators, audience and other team. Manner incorporates the way in which you deliver your speech. Manner includes everything that goes towards the presentation of your speech such as, use of voice, body language, use of notes, eye contact, humour, volume and pace.


On the 21st of June we will be competing in a debate championship that will be hosted by Galilee. The Hall, the Library, Parent Room and the Year Six classrooms will be used to hold what we hope will be some fantastic debates, so if you can and would like to, please come along and show your support! In Term Three, we will be sending another Year Six team to represent Galilee in a second Debate Championship that will be held in Elsternwick.


The debate team will meet every Wednesday at lunchtime to practice the skills we need to become great debaters - confidence, proof and passion!

By Amelia and Ioanna 


Interschool Sports 2019

Most Fridays of Term 2, the Year 5’s and 6’s get to play football and netball  against other schools in the Dendy District. We have won the games we have played so far but our opponents have been fierce. Mrs Ferguson is the Year 6 footy coach and Miss Biggs is the Year 6 netball coach.


The quarters are about 7 minutes long for both football and netball. For football the positions we play are: forward, back and midfield, ruck rover, rover and ruck. There is also a bench where we switch people off so they can rest. In netball there are 7 positions, GS, GA, C, WA, WD, GD and GK.


Thank you to Mrs Ferguson, Miss Biggs, Mr Tobin and Miss Bland for managing football and netball this year for the Grade 5’s and 6’s.

By Angus and Alex. S



In Year 6 for Reading we have been learning to leave evidence of our thinking when we are reading a text to help our comprehension. A few ways we can leave evidence of our thinking is by asking questions while we read or writing notes if we can relate to a sentence or paragraph in the text.


We have also been learning about information reports. A few things we have learnt is how to structure the report, you can only write facts not opinions and about how to use  subheadings. As a year level, we have been making an information report about all cats. We made a fact tree before writing the report, where we have been refining our researching skills to find accurate information.

By Emily S.



In Year 6, we have been looking at probability in maths. We have a new rotation, when we are split into 3 groups. We usually start our rotation with a game of Greedy Pig. This is a game where one person rolls a dice and you record the number in your book. You can choose to sit down or keep standing up. Before the game begins, we choose a target number and if that number is rolled while you are standing, you are out! We continue the game until we have a winner (or until it has just taken to long and we are bored or the teachers hand is tired from rolling the dice about 50 times).


We have learnt that there are different types of events in probability, either independent or dependent. If it is an event independent, the probability of something happening always stays the same. If it a dependent event, the probability of an event occurring changes after every event. For example, an independent event is when you roll a 6-sided dice. The probability of a number being rolled is ⅙. This does not change no matter how many rolls occur.  An example of a dependent event is when you have 2 blue marbles, 3 green marbles, and 5 yellow marbles in a bag. When you randomly select a coloured marble, the chances of getting a blue are 2/10, the chances of getting a green are 3/10 and the chances of getting a yellow are 5/10. If a blue is picked, all of the other colours chances of getting picked has changed. The yellow is now 5/9, the green is now 3/9 and the blue is now 1/9. The probability of these events occurring has now changed, therefore, it is a dependent event.

By Jaxson S.

First Aid in Schools

First Aid for all students.

On Friday 7th June, every student at Galilee from Year Prep to Six will be involved in a first aid training course through St John’s Ambulance. 


The sessions will be run by St John’s volunteers and is funded through St John First Aid Training, First Aid Kits and Defibrillators. The proceeds from their paid services and products is funnelled into delivering community programs to build resilience and capacity.



Emphasis is on how to recognise an emergency situation and how to call “000” through a relatable storyline.


Year 1/2:

Emphasis is on how to recognise an emergency situation and how to call for assistance

DRS of the DRSABCD Action Plan


Year 3/4: 

Emphasis is on how to recognise someone is unconscious and how to maintain a clear airway

DRSAB of the DRSABCD Action Plan

Practical: Recovery Position


Year 5/6:

Emphasis is on how to recognise someone is unconscious and not breathing

DRSABC of the DRSABCD Action Plan

Practical: Recovery Position and CPR


I trust this will be a beneficial program for all students.


Miss Carmen Carnovale

Community Partnerships and Marketing Leader

Galilee Music Soiree

Our Galilee Music Soiree for Semester One 2019 is on Wednesday 12th June from 5.00pm - 8.00pm in the school hall. 


Students from our violin, voice, drums, guitar and piano/keyboard lessons will be performing pieces that they have learnt over the semester. 


We have Mamma Van food truck with food available for purchase on the night from 4.30pm - 7.30pm. 

We hope you can join us for an evening of musical delights from our buddying musicians. 


Miss Carmen Carnovale 

Galilee Extra Curricular Music Program Coordinator

Dendy Cross Country Reports

On the 17th of March 2019, Galilee went to Clayton to compete with other schools in a 2km race.

The track was bumpy with lots of hills it was a tough race because there were lots of other really fast runners.

After the race I was really puffed I improved my run by 15 places which i was proud of overall i came 16th.

By Finn 



We arrived at Bald Hill Park ready for Dendy Cross Country. Everyone was nervous but ready for their races. I waited patiently before my race. As I heard my age group being called out on the microphone, I was ready to go. The 11s girls all lined up at the starting line and were pumped to get started. At the Galilee cross country I started off with a sprint and ran out of energy, but this time I paced myself and kept a good speed. There were approximately 100 kids in my race so I thought I would do pretty well.


“BANG!” The race had started. Everyone started off all in a muddle, but then we all spread out. During the race, when I was running, I was so out of breath that it felt like my whole body was going to collapse into a mountain of slime. Half way through the race I gave up and was exhausted. Then I pushed myself through it and kept on going. I might have stopped a few times and didn’t make it to beachside but I’m still very proud of the position that I came in. I still came in the top 50 which is the main thing. The thing I’m most looking forward to is training to do better next time.

Thank you for listening.

By Chelsea 



On Friday the 17th of May, some of the Year 3 to 6s went to Bald Hill Park for the Dendy Cross Country. We had to be at school by 8:10am and then at 8:30am we got on the bus to leave. It took about 40 -50 minutes. When we got to Bald Hill Park we set up, then before we knew it the 9/10 girls were off. There were 6 races, the 9/10 girls and then the boys, followed by the 11 girls and boys. Finally the 12/13 girls and boys. Everyone was nervous but very excited. The top eight people from each race get to go to Beachside Cross Country and the top twenty got certificates. In each race there was around 170 people, including Galilee.


When I started my race I was so nervous. I could feel my heart quickening in my chest and it only increased when the whistle got blown. That’s when all of the 12/13 girls ran off. The crowd was cheering for everyone and that gave people a boost of energy, the schools we were against were very hard competitors, not just in my race but every race. All the schools had incredibly good runners, that had great stamina. In my race, three girls from Galilee got certificates, Bridget got 10th, Siena got 12th and Summer got 17th which is great.


Everyone did fantastically and four of our runners got medals, Oliver O’Carroll who came second in the 9/10 boys, Oliver Glavanic who came third in the 9/10 boys, Dylan Leonard came first in the 12/13 boys and then behind him was Jordan Zou with second place for the 12/13 boys. Angus McCormack finished 7th in the 11 boys so he is also going to  Beachside. Laura Siez got a certificate as she came 12thIt was a really fun day and everyone enjoyed it. Overall Galilee came in fourth place against 9 other schools.


Thank you to Miss Biggs, Mr Ambrosic, Mr Coaley, Miss Bland, Miss Hall and Miss Mason for taking us to the event. Also a big thanks to Mr Tobin for helping organise the day and all of the parents who came and cheered us on. We all really appreciate it and it was a great day!

By Bridget S, Ali, Ioanna 



Dylan: As I walked up to the starting line my heart was beating faster and faster but it made me feel better when I saw all my friends lining up next to me. All of a sudden I heard “can the top ten from every school please come up to the second starting line”. So every student in the race that went to Galilee went up to the starting line because we only had 8 competing. Next I heard ‘take your marks, then he blew the whistle” and we were off. I fast jogged up the hill and kept the same pace for 2km. Everything was going perfect until “ow”. I just got a stitch with only seven hundred metres left. I had a bit of a lead but not enough to slow jog the rest so I motivated myself to keep on going and sure enough I did.


Jordan: I was walking up to the starting line to join the other Galilee students. My heart was beating faster and faster and then the marshall blew the whistle! I got a good start but then I slipped but I made a quick recovery and stayed third for most of the race but the guy in front of me took a wrong turn and I sped up to get ahead of the pack. I only saw Dylan in front of me, then I looked back and saw people gaining on me and I sped up until I felt like I couldn’t run any further. I saw the finish line. I looked back and saw the whole pack behind me and I got scared I was going to placed third so I sprinted to the finish and beat the guy behind me by an arms length. I was proud of myself for this achievement!