From the School Leadership Team,

From Mr. Chant,




We have commenced the re-entry process back into school after the sudden lockdown announced last Friday. How quickly things changed and then how quickly we have moved back into the routines and processes that were established early on. Thanks to our community for your support, understanding and positive feedback regarding this statewide event and for the way in which you have returned your children to their learning.


A reminder to wear masks while on site, then we don’t have to manage the distancing requirements in a formal manner - we need the adults to self manage this part of the school’s approach to the return to school.


Leadership badge presentations are planned for Monday afternoon with our local member David Southwick on site to formally acknowledge these appointments. We will hold an outdoor assembly with families of the recipients being invited to attend this event. Formal distancing, mask wearing and sanitising will apply to those who attend this event.


School Council elections will formally begin on Monday 22nd of February.  Information will be provided via Compass as to number of  vacant positions, the election process and timeline.


Our Working Bee is planned to go ahead on Sunday afternoon commencing at 1 pm. If you can attend we would welcome your attendance on site and making sure the school can be cleaned up, weeded, scrubbed and polished.


We have confirmed,  multiple cases of Chickenpox at school. 


Chickenpox (Varicella) is a highly contagious but generally mild disease and is endemic in the population. Chickenpox generally presents with a low-grade fever, general feeling of being unwell and a rash.  The incubation period is from two to three weeks and is usually 14 -16 days. Varicella can pose a health risk for non-immunised pregnant women and their unborn babies, and immunosuppressed people. Please seek information from your GP.


Health regulations require that cases should be excluded until full recovery or for at least five days after the first eruption appears. Some remaining dry scabs are not a reason for continued exclusion. Any child with an immune deficiency or receiving chemotherapy should be excluded for their own protection. For more information, please visit: Please consult a medical practitioner if you have any concern.


CJC Swimming Carnival


Hosted at GESAC on Tuesday the 23rd of Feb, grade 3-6 students will have the opportunity to compete in swimming events such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. 

All competitors will earn house points to the newly named houses; Banksia (blue house), Acacia (yellow house), Waratah (red house) and Garak (green house). Students are encouraged to wear their house colours and cheer on their team and classmates!


Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, GESAC has advised the school that change rooms are limited (so please wear your bathers under your clothes at the start of the day).

Furthermore, due to capacity restrictions at GESAC, no parents or spectators are allowed to attend.  (Please label every item of clothing.)


Recently I have been contacted by a number of parents expressing concerns about unsafe driving and parking around our school during morning drop off time. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue in our school community and puts the safety of our students at risk.


On my morning gate duty I noticed cars double parked for children to exit, cars stopping in Sebastapol Street to watch their children enter the gates and cars pulling into private driveways.


Please familiarise yourself with the expectations when dropping off children at school in a vehicle. These parking guidelines come from Glen Eira City Council and will be reinforced by the local police attending on-site. 




Our prep students are now learning five days per week! Their on line testing has been completed and this important data is supporting teacher planning and curriculum differentiation in this area of the school. Their collective ability to settle into the routine of school has been fantastic to watch.


In the coming weeks I am involved in the Review process for Cheltenham East Primary School. In this work I get to visit the school, look at their programs and evaluate their current Strategic Plan and assist them to develop a direction for their school up until 2024. This opportunity allows me to reflect on our work at CJC, explore new ideas and look at current teaching pedagogy and learning and teaching initiatives.