The children in Year Four have been very engaged in their learning this term.


In Religious Education the children have been learning about the forces of nature and how God is Almighty. As part of this unit the children give thanks to God for all that He has given us and further develop their knowledge of Catholic prayers, such as The Apostles Creed and The Rosary. Towards the end of the term the children will build on their understandings of Advent and why this is such an important time of the year.


During our Literacy dedicated time, the children have continued to develop their Reading, Writing and Word Study skills. The text types we are looking closely at this term are; Narratives, Persuasive Texts and Read and Retells. During writing time, the children will use their knowledge of the First Fleet and the impact of colonisation to create these text types.


In Mathematics we have been revising the four operations, decimals and fractions. The children will then further develop their place value skills by exploring dollars and cents. This is something that can be discussed at home and when doing the shopping, as it helps children to relate their learning to real life situations. We will also cover symmetry, 2D shapes and area.


Our Humanities and Social Sciences Program focuses on the impacts of the First Fleet, the nature of contact between Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders and the effects of these interactions on families and the environment.  The children will also develop their geographical understandings of the world by researching the locations of major countries in Africa and Europe. Technologies will be integrated into our learning as we explore robotics.


In Health, Year  the children are learning all about toxic poisons, such as household chemicals and gardening products. They are focusing on how to use them responsibly and how they need to be kept away from children. 


In Physical Education the children are having lots of fun perfecting their ultimate frisbee skills, in particular their throwing and catching skills. 


Year Four Blue are very proud to receive a Merit Certificate from the Pastoral Care Ministry for keeping their learning environment clean and tidy and always taking pride in their uniform! 







This term the Pastoral Care Ministry have been collecting non-perishable goods for the St Vincent de Paul Society 'Christmas Appeal'. The Christmas Appeal aimed to collect non-perishable goods to be given to families in our community who don't have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas. This can be due to financial difficulties, illness, disability, homelessness or isolation. So, St Vincent de Paul aims to, with our help, collect goods that can be given to these people with the aim of bringing joy to those less fortunate in our community. We thank all the people who have contributed to this appeal. 




Applications are now invited from parents of Year 4 children for entry into Chisholm Catholic College.  The first round of applications close on Friday 16 March 2018 .





Exciting news!  The P&F are hosting a uniform swap meet!  So make sure you come along and sell those items that your kids no longer fit, want or need.  The event will be held in the school hall on Monday the 4 December 8am-10am. Please see attached flyer for details. Thank you to Justyna Dimasi for initiating and co-ordinating this event.





Thank you to our 2017 Parent Reps for the enthusiasm and dedication they gave to their role this year.  You successfully brought our parent community together while supporting the staff and P&F and we are appreciative of you all.



Pre-Kindy - Justyna Dimasi

Kindy - Sagay Hessing and Olivia Ikosipentarhos 

Pre-Primary - Belinda Zirino and Gabriella Erceg

Year  1 - Nicole Mammone and Kristie Di Nella

Year 2 - Nicole Mesiti and Maree Previti

Year 3 - Justine Radacic and Sherrie Giglia

Year 4 - Simone McGuire, Natasha D’Souza, Joanna Brisbane and Simone Sieczka

Year 5 - Maria Bellesini, Lisa McCarthy and Rochelle Contrusceri

Year 6 - Connie Sciullo, Liselle Morgan and Ida Romeo

Nicola Cecchele - P&F President




When:  Friday, 24 November at 7pm

Venue:  Oggi Bar and Eats

300 Walcott Street, Menora

RSVP:  ASAP to Maria 0410 151 110



Hi To All Year 6 Parents,

Our babies are going to high school next year, where did the time go!

We have some fun stuff planned and we would love for you all to join us.


Firstly, Friday 1 December Dinner at Sun On Restaurant Morley straight from dinner dance drop. Parents to be back at school at 8.30 with full belly’s. Dinner cost approx. $20 ahead plus drinks .


8 December Lunch after Mass Ceremony at our Table Grand Prom in Bedford. All are welcome and invited.  Please if you have never attended a lunch or dinner before we would really love to have you.


Lastly, help is needed and welcomed next Friday 1 December to make over the school hall for the dinner dance  straight from school drop off at 8.30am as well as 1.30pm to help set up food platters.



All RSVPs and questions are welcome - please call or text message 0403 345 235 or 0412 036 072.  Looking  forward to having a chat with you all Connie.  



When:  Friday 8 December from 6pm 

Venue:  Crimea Food Trucks, Morley Corner of Crimea St & Morley Drive   

BYO drinks, picnic blanket, scooters & bikes!

All Year 3 families welcome.



In 2018 there will be the introduction of a new NetSetGO Tier Structure. This means that Year 2 through to Year 6 will be able to participate through Infant Jesus Netball Club. Additionally, there may be a skills based activity program for Pre-Primary and Year 1, offered through IJ Netball Club – depending on numbers and parent volunteers.


The official netball season normally starts on the last week of April – this will be confirmed next year. We are also looking for coaches and managers for all year groups. Please contact Hien – 0434197895 – if you are interested or have any questions. 


MAD (Mother & Daughter) Camp 2018.    

MAD 2018 promises to be wonderful time spent with your daughters and creating special memories and bonds. The camp will be held 6-8 April 2018 at Point Walter Reserve.


Please fill in your Registration Form, pay the deposit via EFT and hand in your form to the office. The deposit needs to be paid by 9 February 2018. Any queries please contact one of us on the form.


A reminder the next MAD Camp meeting will be held next Thursday 30 November at 7pm  at Fast Eddy's Morley.





At Infant Jesus School we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our children and all their hard work. Congratulations to the following students who will receive an Honour Certificate at our assembly next Thursday morning.


We congratulate the following students:             

1B      Isla Di Dio, Andres Rapy, Marcus Xiong, Tessa Kolarikal

2B       Angela Rodrigues

2W      Cruze Finis,  Dhruv Sharma

3B        Joseph Celona, Olivia Colonico 

3W      Jillrey Rico, Chloe Nguyen

4B      Ella Delpero,  Eva Lombardi,  Justin Soh,

Neha Thomas

4W      Kieran Letizia

5B       Rebecca Nguyen, Allyra Quartermaine

5W     Sarah Vimini, Nicholas Sengstock

6B       Derek Nguyen, Anthony Huang, Claire Prestianni



An iPad is now available for entering the school during school hours. This replaces the sign in book. Please follow these procedures:

  • Sign in and receive a Lanyard or Exit Card
  • Enter the school
  • Sign out and return the Lanyard

All visitors to the school must sign in i.e. parents dropping things off, parents picking up students, volunteers helping canteen or class, students arriving late,  maintenance workers etc. The iPad is another important safety and security measure in monitoring all legitimate movements in the school. Only parents are permitted to  complete information regarding the movements of their child and sign accordingly on the iPad.



There is an approval procedure that must be followed if you are taking your children out of school for several days.  

  • Letter or email must be sent to the Principal and teacher advising the school of the circumstances of the absence.
  • School then formally approves the absence with a letter sent to parents.

It is important to note that the Education Act states that all children need to be at school at all times during the school year.


Prolonged absences should only be taken if it is essential for illness, pastoral and family reasons. In this instance it is a requirement that parents provide a valid explanation, in writing, for children’s non-attendance at school.


It is also important to note that prolonged absence from school will impact on children’s learning.



Saturday 23 December: Vigil Mass at 6.30pm – Mass of the Sunday.

Sunday 24 December:  Masses at 7.30am, 9.30am & 11.30am (Italian Mass) – Mass of the Sunday.

Mass at 6.30pm – Christmas Vigil Mass with children’s nativity story. Carols from 6.00pm.

Mass at 12.00pm – Midnight Mass. Carols from 11.30pm.

 Monday 25 December: Christmas Masses at 7.30am, 9.30am & 11.30am (Italian Mass). Carols 30 mins before each Mass.



Tuesday 26 December: Boxing Day – Mass at 8.30am.

 Saturday 30 December: Vigil Mass at 6.30pm – Feast of the Holy Family.

 Sunday 31 December: The Feast of the Holy Family - Masses at 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am (Italian) & 6pm.

Mass at 6pm – Vigil for the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.


Monday 1 January: Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God. Mass at 8.30am.

 Tuesday 2 January: Public Holiday. Mass at 8.30am.

 Saturday 6 January: Vigil Mass – The Epiphany of the Lord.

Sunday 7 January: The Epiphany of the Lord.

Masses at 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am (Italian) & 6pm.


Second Rite of Reconciliation for Advent


Prepare yourself for the Christmas season by joining your parish family for this communal Rite of Reconciliation as we come together to listen and reflect on the Word of God; to express our sorrow for the times we have failed and to praise our God, whose forgiveness is unfailing. 



WEDNESDAY, 13 December at 7pm - Infant Jesus Church

THURSDAY, 14 December at 7pm—St. Peter’s Church, Wood St, Bedford.

THURSDAY, 21 December at 7pm - Good Shepherd Church, Lockridge






Following the recent survey of Mass attendees at the Saturday Vigil Mass, I have decided to change the start time of this Mass to 6pm. This change will commence from Saturday 13 January.


Also,  in future, when there is a public holiday, there will not be two morning Masses. We will have only one morning Mass at 8.30am. – Fr. Greg




Don’t throw throw that away!


As the school year comes to a close, please remember the parish when you are cleaning up your unwanted school supplies: pens, pencils, textas and stationery - are all useful. What we cannot use, we will pass on to where it is needed. 2nd hand primary uniform items also very welcome. Please drop your donations to the parish office or into the Church foyer.



 In A.D. 88, Saint Clement I became the fourth pope. His reign lasted until A.D. 97. Though we have few facts about Clement, we do know that he wrote a very important letter to the Church in Corinth. 


The city of Corinth in Greece had a large Christian population, but it also had a number of problems. A group of people in Corinth refused to follow the legitimate Church authority there. They split off from the main group of believers.


Clement, as the shepherd of the Church, wrote to the people, explaining the role of authority and the role of the people, encouraging peace and harmony. So powerful and clear was the letter that in some places in the early Church, it was ranked next to the accepted books of Scripture. It is one of the earliest Christian documents we have. Clement was martyred.(




Infant Jesus Parish 24:7 Morley Youth Group

All youth in Years 6-12 are invited.

Join us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish Hall.

For more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393




"To believe in a Father who loves all men and women with an infinite love means realising that he thereby confers upon them an infinite dignity. To believe that the Son of God assumed our human flesh means that each human person has been taken up into the very heart of God.  (Evangelii Gaudium "The Joy of the Gospel" # 178/)





To coincide with the inaugural World Day of the Poor this coming Sunday,  please see the attached announcement from Catholic Missions. The theme is Mother and Child.



Send a Christmas message to those you love and support those in need. When you choose a Global Gift this Christmas, you are bringing a moment of joy and helping create a lifetime of change for some of the world's most vulnerable people. 


This year you can help bring the gift of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to our one human family around the world. Each Global Gift will go towards supporting our most important work; from responding to emergency situations to supporting education programs and training farmers with new sustainable livelihood techniques.  


Share a message of compassion this Christmas - simply select one of our beautiful Global Gift cards. When you send a Global Gift card to your friends or family you also share a gift with the world and help support our one human family. 


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