Student Wellbeing News

Update from the Year 3/4 Community

Over the past three weeks in the Year 3/4 community, we have been examining behaviours as a way to better understand what bullying is. The students participated in whole and small group discussions and sorting activities to distinguish between unkind behaviours and what would be identified as bullying behaviours. Students came to understand the characteristics of bullying behaviours as repeated, deliberate and based on the gain of power and how best to respond to this in a school setting.

Ride2School Day

Next Friday 23rd March is Ride2School Day. The day is about encouraging young people to take active methods of travel to and from school.


On Friday morning at 8:15am, students and parents are invited to meet myself and the student leaders at Hansen Reserve. We will meet on the footpath near the playground. Students are invited to walk, scoot, skate or ride to school. 


Once we arrive at school, we will have a running circuit set up for students to get active before the school day begins. We will also have some fruit platters to enjoy. 



Everyone is welcome to participate and we hope to see you all at Hansen Reserve on Friday morning. 



Last year was a huge success!
Last year was a huge success!

Melanie Larkin

(Student Wellbeing Leader)