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Student Leadership 

At Monday’s assembly, the 2019 Student Leaders, Social Justice Leaders and Sports Leaders were presented with their badges and to the school community. Congratulations to the following students:

Student Leaders

Hi my name is Lucy O'Brien and I am a Student Leader for 2019. I love drawing, going to the park and Art. I'm looking forward to doing jobs around the school, helping others in the community and working with the other Student Leaders.  Hope to see you around the school!


Hello my name is Mahli Sanders. I am going to be a Student Leader for 2019. I am 11 years old and I am looking forward to working with the whole school and creating a happy learning community. This will be my first year of being a leader and I will take as much initiative as possible around the school. I am pleased to be a Student Leader at Corpus Christi.



Hello my name is Kristina Raguz and I am going to be a Student Leader this year. I wish to help people in the playground and help them find someone to play with and solve other problems around the school. I am looking forward to taking the new parents around the school. I will use my initiative in this role and be a proud leader of the school.


Hi as you may have known my name is Emma Clark. I am a member of the student leader team 2019. Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I have one dog named Summer and one cat named Risky. If you see me around the school come and say hello as I am open to start a conversation!



Hello my name is Max Papandrea. I am a Student Leader for 2019. I am a funny person, I respect everyone at the school and I am looking forward to working with Miss Wilkinson and the rest of the Student Leaders.

My name is Siobhan McCartin and I will be one of the Student Leaders for the year of 2019. I hope to help the school and by doing that I will follow the mission and the vision of the school community. I am looking forward to this year and working with the whole school in my last year here. I am pleased to be a Student Leader for Corpus Christi and I will help the school in every way possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this message if you need anything please do come to me. I always have time to hear what everyone has to say and what their input is. Thank you.  

Social Justice Leaders


Hello my name is Liv Dinnen and I am very grateful to have the privilege of being a Social Justice leader for 2019. I will take a proactive approach to my role by seeing what the younger students’ ideas are for Social Justice initiative because I think the younger children should have a say. I have two younger sisters and I love to play soccer.



Hello my name is Elle Allardyce and I'm one of the Social Justice Leaders for 2019. I am looking forward to helping  others and the school and being a leader. I will be helping the principal as one of this year's leaders.

Hello my name is Sophie Taylor and I was lucky enough to become a Social Justice Leader for 2019. As a Social Justice Leader I will do whatever it is to help the school community and the wider community. If you find me around the school feel free to come and greet me and ask me any questions that you may have.

Hello, my name is Bianca Anderson and I am going to be one of the Social Justice leaders of 2019.  I am enthusiastic about my new role and look forward to sharing this with the school community. I think it is important for the students and parents to learn about how we can help people that are less fortunate.  We can do this by not only giving them money, clothing and food but by giving them our time and love just like Jesus did. On my weekends I play hockey for Altona Hockey Club and enjoy being part of a team. I love reading about history, cooking with my family and making crafty creations at home.

Feel free to come and say “Hi” or share some of your great ideas about social justice with me.


Hi my name is Maddie Thomas. I recently got appointed a leadership position as a Social Justice Leader for Corpus Christi. I wanted this role because I like taking care of people and I know I will be able to fulfill the role. I am excited to take on this role for the responsibilities and I hope that people will be able to see how helpful I can be.  

Hello my name is Anna Pham and this year I got the role of Social Justice leader. I will be sure to treat  and approach others with respect, responsibility and initiative. I am very thankful for this role.

Sports Leaders

My name is Julian Mammoliti, I am 11 years old and I am going to be a Sports Captain for 2019. I love my sport, I play soccer and have played many other sports overtime. I will be representing the Mannix team for our Athletics Carnival and many other sporting events.



Hello my name is Lola Refardt and I am going to be one of the Sports Captains for MacKillop this year. I am pleased to have this role and will treat it with great responsibility. I enjoy playing basketball on a Saturday morning and I was even selected to play for a representatives squad named Westgate Imperials. I also love to do craft and have had a recent interest in sewing. I am always quick on my feet and I never stay still. I look forward to helping the students of CCK and if anyone has any ideas about sport, big or small, come to me!

My name is Reuben Miller and I am the MacKillop Sports captain for 2019. Some of my hobbies/sports that I like are soccer, athletics, cricket and more. I love helping people and guiding them to do the right things. I am looking forward to the year ahead.


Hi I am Lucinda Aitchison and I am a sports captain for Mannix in 2019. Through being sports captain I would like to get more people to be active and healthy by doing clinics. My hobbies are playing netball, baking and I also do acrobatics.

My name is Armani and I love helping others. Since I have been chosen to be a Sports Captain I can’t wait to  teach others about the sports I love to play. Sport is my life. I wish I could do even more but I just don't have the time!  If you ever need any help, come and find me!


Hi everyone my name is Xavier Healey and I am going to be a Sports Captain for Chisholm in 2019. I am very excited to be a Sports Captain and I am really looking forward to working with the rest of my team at the School Athletics Day this year. I am also looking forward to helping everyone with whatever they need.