High Expectations


The Fisher team is passionate about motivating students to do their best and providing enjoyable learning experiences. We love having fun and being creative with our learning and teaching. The team work collaboratively, with a major focus on providing targeted learning for all students. We constantly use formative assessment and data to drive our learning and teaching programmes, and provide explicit feedback, involving students in this process to make the ‘next step’ in their learning clear. 


We have high expectations and count on our students to do their best at all times. As our students are in their important last years of primary school, organisational skills and knowing how to be a successful learner are vital.  Thus  we focus on developing the skills and confidence necessary in  becoming reflective, independent learners who know how to set goals and work towards achieving them.


Upper primary students become increasingly busy during the year, with many events and deadlines. Students are encouraged to record all commitments – in and out of school in order to begin learning to manage their school and home life. Diaries will be taken to all specialist subjects (Science, German, PE, Greek, Choir). It is, therefore, essential that the diary is at school each day. As this may be new to some students, we would appreciate your assistance by checking their diary usage as you sign it each week.


We are looking forward to an awesome year ahead!