Special Ed Issues

by Maripaz Berlin, Grievance Chair


Member was disciplined by admin and a reprimand was placed in the member’s file due to admin’s interpretation of a student’s IEP and the mistaken belief that the student was put in harm’s way. (Student has dietary restrictions and cannot consume wheat. The member had students participate in a craft activity that used Cheerios (wheat). There was no consumption; they were making a hundredth day necklace. Being around and touching wheat products was not in the IEP. ) There was also suspicion that there was parental pressure that affected the disciplinary measure that was brought forth. That is a violation of Article 10.11: The District shall neither discipline a unit member based on parent or citizen complaint(s) nor place in the unit member’s personnel file any evaluation, memorandum summarizing a verbal warning, a written warning, or a letter of reprimand based on parent or citizen complaint(s) unless the District has complied with the following procedures...


Site Rep and member had a meeting with Admin and stated facts. Site Rep and member advocated their case.


Admin relented and agreed to change the reprimand to a Conference Summary regarding the situation.



Member was hurt by a student in SDC. Member had to take 2.5 days off. This was not an isolated incident. Progress in moving student was stalled. *It is not in OGEA’s purview to decide student placement, however, a member’s safety and well-being are under Article 16 which states:

16.1 Working Conditions Every effort shall be made to maintain healthful and safe conditions in all classrooms. Teachers shall not be required to work under unsafe conditions or to perform tasks that endanger their health, safety, or well-being.


Grievance Chair spoke with admin.


Member no longer expected to respond to situation involving that particular student where physical harm may take place. (Student on half day schedule for now; appropriate placement pending.)


Please contact any member of the Grievance Team for any questions or concerns:

 Maripaz Berlin, Chair

Cindy Paigen

Bob Prola