Sunshine Language for the 2019-2022 Contract Negotiations

by Bargaining Team


Bargaining has just begun for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please read and review OGEA’s Sunshine language to see our goals for bargaining.  Public comment on the sunshine language and the beginning of bargaining happened on the April 11 school board meeting. Thank you to all OGEA members who showed up to support the goals outlined in the sunshine language. Our first bargaining session with the district will be on April 18.  Look for updates and information as bargaining continues through May. As an OGEA member, you have a right to give feedback to the team. Please stay informed and ask questions.


As the exclusive bargaining agent of certificated staff in Oak Grove, the Oak Grove Educators Association would like to sunshine the following articles for the 2019-2022 successor collective bargaining agreement.  We are also issuing the following Demands to Bargain.

Article 12: Compensation

In the interest of recruiting and retaining the quality teachers, special educators and support staff that students deserve, OGEA is proposing to open Article 12.

Article 13: Health and Welfare

To provide for the health and welfare of employees in the OGEA bargaining unit, so that all educators are prepared to do their best for students, OGEA is proposing to open Article 13.

Article 15: Class Size

Research shows that students with low student to teacher ratios are more successful.  Students need access to support staff and reasonable special education ratios. Therefore, OGEA is proposing to open Article 15.

Article 14: Hours of Employment

To promote healthy home and work life balance and ensure the success of teachers, special education, support staff and students, OGEA is proposing to open Article 14.

Article 6: Association Rights

To promote the collective good and provide services for the dedicated professionals in Oak Grove Educators Association, OGEA is proposing to open Article 6.

Article 8: Leaves

To promote fairness and equity in leave policies, OGEA is proposing to open Article 8.

Article 11: Transfer, Assignments, Reassignments, and Exchanges

Open and transparent transfers and job assignments are essential to a satisfied workforce.  Therefore, OGEA is proposing to open Article 11.

Article 16: Safety Conditions

To provide and ensure the safety of unit members, upkeep of school sites to promote a healthy learning environment, safety of special education staff and the safety of students within the school environment, OGEA is proposing to open Article 16.

Article 17: Organizational Security

To bring the contract into alignment with current laws, OGEA is proposing to open Article 17.


Article 22:  Miscellaneous Provisions

In the interest of employment security and stability in the collective bargaining process, OGEA is proposing to negotiate a 3 year contract with reopeners in successive years.  OGEA is proposing to open Article 22.

School Closures

Due to the harmful effects of the last school closure, OGEA is proposing to create a moratorium on future school closures for the life of this contract. OGEA recognizes that the District does not have a current proposal to close any more schools.

Demands to Bargain

OGEA hereby demands to bargain the change to the Teacher on Special Assignment job description.

OGEA hereby demands to bargain over the creation of the virtual learning program in Oak Grove.

An agreement that allows the Del Roble Staff transfer rights, including voluntary transfers, due to upcoming changes in the traditional program at that site.

Bob Prola, Bargaining Chair

Angie Hernandez,

Kellee Humphrey,

Aveneir Guevera,

Jasmin Miguel,

Belinda Lew,