Year 1/2

Year 1/2's have been having a great time learning new things and being adaptive in their schedules. Last week students had a great time at the pool and learnt different skills - introduction to water, floating, kicking and also safety around water. 


In Reading groups, we have been making connections to texts like text to text and text to world connections. We have also been introduced to pronouns prefixes and suffixes. 

In Writing, we have continued to write poems and published some of our work. We have written Cinquain and Haiku poems. Please visit our classroom to have a look at all our published work. 

As part of our well being program we had an incursion with Digby the horse who helped us to regulate our body rhythms and get more in tune with our nervous system. 

To the end the week, we went over to Harcourt for kickball. We met and played against all the other schools in the district. It was a lot of fun. 


We have been practicing for our school production and looking forward to performing for you all next week.