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City of Kingston - Empowering Your Teen: Building a Body-Positive Home

Raising a teenager comes with unique challenges, and navigating body image can be one of the toughest. This informative session equips parents with practical tools to cultivate a body-positive environment at home.

We'll delve into strategies for promoting healthy self-esteem, preventing eating issues, and fostering healthy behaviors in your teen. Learn how to:      

  •  Encourage Body Kindness: Discover ways to promote positive self-talk and appreciation for all bodies.

·         Navigate Negative Thoughts: Equip yourself with techniques to respond effectively when your teen expresses negativity towards themselves or others.

·         Focus on Wellbeing: Shift the focus from appearance to healthy habits and overall well-being.

This session goes beyond simply understanding eating disorders; it empowers you to proactively cultivate a supportive and nurturing environment for your teen to thrive.

Reserve your spot today and join us in raising confident and healthy young adults!

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