Junior Years News

From Mambourin and Tarneit Campus 

A Special Visitor!

Young people who are feeling stressed can develop mental and physical health problems. Spending time with a dog is excellent for their health.  For students who don’t own a dog, a therapy dog is a perfect substitute. They can spend time cuddling and interact with the dog without having the responsibility of a dog owner. This week, 'Bailey', Mrs Patten’s therapy dog came to Good News to spend time with the Prep classes.  Bailey joins us every now and then and is a visitor the students really look forward to.  Bailey loves to receive lots of pats and cuddles from the students and also helps them to practice being kind and gentle.

Science Week Awards 

The theme of Science Week this year was "Innovation: Powering Future Industry". Throughout the week, activities were held at lunchtime in the Science labs, with the aim of illustrating the some of the impacts of innovation across the different branches of science. 


To celebrate the last day of Science Week, we looked at the innovation of flight through the design and motion of paper planes, which doubled as a paper plane throwing competition for the students.


Overall Champion - Aaron Sharma (4A) (9.1m)

Overall 2nd Place - Lay Patel (4C) (7.8m)

Overall 3rd Place - Vivaan Rampal (4A) (6.6m)

Overall 4th Place - Eva Kumar (1C) (6.4m)

Grade 1 Champion - Eva Kumar (1C)

Grade 1 2nd Place - Amyra Sharma (1C)

Grade 1 3rd Place - Ayanna Sankan (1D)

Grade 1 4th Place - Jessica Kalra (1A)

Grade 3 Champion - Dhairya Patel (3A)

Grade 3 2nd Place - Nishka Rana (3D)

Poster Competition Champion - Nishka Rana (3D)

Another competition held during Science Week was our traditional Poster Competition. In a very close competition, Nishka Rana's poster was judged to be this year's winner, with her "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" themed poster proving to be a hit with the judges.


Thank you to everyone who took part in this year's activities. I am already looking forward to seeing you all next year for some more Science Week fun.

Ms McCarthy - GNLC Science Technician 

How the world works - Professor Bunsen

Year 3 students enjoyed a visit from 'Professor Bunsen' this week. Below are reports from two students about their experience! 


Viha Lokesh - Year 3 

Professor Bunsen, a scientist from South Africa came to visit the Year 3s. He taught us about heat, how it transfers, what it is and how we create it.  He put some glasses on to protect his eyes from the explosions he did.  He lit his hand on fire! There were so many other things, including firing a rocket out of a bottle.  He made a teabag fly, made putty change colour and he even made gas rings.  We had such an amazing time, and it increased our knowledge about heat to the next level. Also, we now know more about conduction, convection and radiation which are the three ways that heat is transferred.   


Jiyaan Kalairya - Year 3 

During this term, the Year 3s have been learning about heat.  There are three types of heat – radiation, convection, and conduction.  Professor Bunsen showed the Year 3s some science related to heat. He lit his hand on fire, fired a rocket out of a bottle, made a teabag fly, made putty change colour, created gas rings, put fire under a balloon, made cotton balls disappear and sugar beads dance. All these science experiments were related to the power of heat. 

Extended holidays during School Term

Families are reminded that they need to seek written permission from the College Principal to take their children out of school for extended periods of leave during school Term. On taking leave, students need to ensure that they remain up-to-date with any assessments and show endeavour to complete assessments before taking their leave.

Cyber Safety

Many of the Junior Years classes have been learning about how to be safe online.  One of the surprising things which teachers noticed was the number of children playing 'Fortnite', a very popular game which has an age limit of 13+


In the document below, you will find excerpts of information about some of these popular online games which may be useful for parents. The main concerns from teachers are those around child safety. When children are playing games with much older people, particularly people they do not know or cannot assume are who they say they are, there is a risk to child safety.  We encourage you to be aware of the online games your children are playing and talking to you child about people they may be playing with who are adults or they are unsure about.

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