North Central Trade Training Centre

Natasha Saunders

Busy times in VET Animal Care

Leading up to the end of the year, the VET Animal Care class were very busy completing a range of units, which required them to venture beyond the Trade Training Centre. In order to complete their dog washing units, our students needed to access dog washing facilities in different towns, including Donald.


The students were also required to make presentations to a range of different groups. This culminated in visits to the Charlton, Donald Pre-School & St. Arnaud Pre-schools, St. Joseph’s Primary School & Charlton College P-6.


The class also had an ‘open day’ for the farm & a number of very eager Playgroup children & their families visited. The children collected the eggs (damage was minimal!), brushed & patted the goats, patted the sheep & watched the dogs getting washed. Well done to the class & Bianca Winslade for her organisation. It was a real staff team effort with Tanya Watts, Bryan (East Loddon P-12) & Mr Daff assisting with different tasks. We would also like to sincerely thank the organisations in our local communities who willingly accommodated our students.

National Ag Day

With the support of NCLLEN, our Year 9 NCTTC students from Charlton & Donald recently celebrated National Ag Day; a day which celebrates the contribution & importance of agriculture & related industries.


The students were fortunate to have two guest speakers: James Goldsmith from Goldies Farms Eggs & Tahlijia Sheahan from Teys Feedlot.


James & his son Jak, run a free-range egg farm near Donald. He explained the day-to-day operation of their farm, including their use of technology & data. James shared many important messages including the value of education, hard work & taking opportunities. 


Tahlijia shared her agricultural journey, which has involved travel & study, before settling at Teys. Tahlijia described the variety of jobs undertaken at the feedlot, ranging from animal care to administration. Like Goldsmith’s poultry farm, Teys also use sophisticated technology for animal monitoring. Tahlijia’s presentation highlighted the many training & career progression opportunities available at Teys.


Following the presentations, our students enjoyed a BBQ lunch & shared their view on agriculture. We would like to thank the NCLLEN for organising the afternoon.