Years 10-12 Coordinator

Meaghan King

Year 10 into 11 Step Up

A reminder to any students that will be undertaking a Unit 1/2 subject in 2024, that they will be required to attend Step Up on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th December (next week).  The Step Up program serves as an important introduction to Year 11 subjects, and is a compulsory component of the year.  A timetable will be posted on Compass by the end of this week.


Reminders - Year 12 Students


Deakin Regional Access Scheme – OPEN NOW

Federation Uni Early Offer – Close 1st December


VCE Unit 3 & 4 Results/ATAR: 

Monday 11th December 2023 


Change of Preference for VTAC December Round Offers: 

Close Wednesday13th December 2023 @ 4:00pm


VTAC December Round Offers:

Thursday 21st December 2023 (2:00pm)


VTAC | Webinars

ATAR, Scaling, and December round offers

Tuesday 5th December, 6pm

Join the VTAC team for a live webinar which will cover all things related to ATAR's scaling of subjects and setting your preferences.


Getting ready for your results

Thursday 7th December, 5pm

Join the VTAC team for a live webinar to help you prepare for your results, what to do if you don't get the ATAR you were after, and the importance of setting your preferences 


Getting ready for December round offers

Tuesday 12th December, 6pm

Webinar to discuss all things related to receiving an offer, how to accept / reject / defer, changing your preferences.


Information Evening: TAFE Pathways to Success

Wednesday 6th December 6pm – 7pm

SMB A Building, Ballarat & Online

Deep Dive into TAFE: Navigate the world of TAFE, from automotive to hairdressing, from rural sciences to brewing, and everything in between. Federation TAFE offers a comprehensive range of courses crafted meticulously for your success.


Inspirational Stories: Connect with TAFE graduates and the current student community. Their personal success stories reflect the tangible impact of our industry-experienced, passionate educators.


Course Insights: Familiarise yourself with our broad array of courses, harness information on free TAFE opportunities, and unravel flexible study dynamics that are designed just for you.


To register visit: 


Green Work Experience Ideas

Renewable energy

Contact local solar, wind, or hydroelectric companies and express your interest in opportunities for work experience, either in the office or out in the field. You could be finding out how renewable infrastructure is designed, helping connect homes to renewable energy generators, or discovering how companies market and sell their products or services.


Biodiversity and agriculture

In order for our ecosystems to thrive, we need to find more sustainable and eco-friendly methods of farming. Thankfully, there are already lots of people and companies on the job. This includes government parks and agriculture departments, local farmers, wildlife rescues, and research institutions, who all often have work experience opportunities for students. 


Green transportation

You might like to find work experience at an auto mechanic, car dealership, or automotive designer, and get a glimpse into how electric vehicles (EVs) are made, sold, and repaired. Or find opportunities with local councils or government and discover how policy and urban planning can influence green transportation options (like building more charging stations, facilitating easier access to public transport, or providing subsidies to people who swap to an EV).


Media and communication

Many news sites are dedicated to reporting on climate and environment and are always looking for people to help contribute further, whether it’s through writing, photography, social media management, or even website design and maintenance.


Finance and investment

If maths and money is more your style, there are still lots of ways you can have a green career. You could find work experience in a bank or investment firm and learn how finances are being used to fund clean energy and recycling projects. Learn about how insurance brokers are dealing with an unprecedented rise in natural disasters caused by climate change. Or delve into how companies reduce their carbon impact through emissions trading.


For more information: