Year 6 Market Day

"Market day was a fun and exciting experience where year 6s get to come up with a stall and sell things that we have made to the rest of the school. There were many different stall ideas including cupcake stalls, stalls selling lemonade, drawing stalls, and many other creative ideas. 

Even though in the end it was a bit hectic and messy and took ages to clean up, I think the whole of year 6 had a great time making and selling things to the rest of the kids in the school. 


The market day taught us many things including business skills like stuff to do with advertising, profit and loss and many other things that will help us start our very own business one day. 


Overall the year 6s had a terrific time at market day, even if our classroom looked like a junk yard at the end, we still enjoyed using the skills we learnt about starting a business to make our very own stalls to sell stuff we made."

Keisha and Amber 6C


"Dear Year 6 teachers,

This is 1BC writing to you. We'd really like to say thank you to the Year 6s for having the Year 6 Market Day. We really loved the video games, the basketball, the ice cream, the hair spray, the food and the amazing prizes. The Year 6s did a really good job, please give them our thumbs up!

Thank you for a lovely Year 6 market day, we love you,

From 1BC"