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2024 Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge


We are excited to announce that the 2024 Premier's Reading Challenge is now underway! This annual event aims to inspire children and students to cultivate a love for reading by completing a set number of books throughout the year. Since its inception in 2005, the Premier's Reading Challenge has seen over 4 million students collectively devouring more than 57 million books!


Challenge Duration:

The Challenge has begun and runs until 6 September 2024. Participants have ample time to immerse themselves in captivating stories and adventures.


Number of Books to be read:

Prep to Year 2

  • Total books  - 30
  • Challenge books - 20 or more

Year 3 to Year 6

  • Total books - 15
  • Challenge Books - 10 or more


Reading Together;

Children can enjoy their reading journey independently or with the guidance of a parent, guardian, sibling, friend, or mentor. Support from loved ones is particularly beneficial, especially for young readers just embarking on their literary exploration.


Challenge Book List

Find the official Premier's Reading Challenge book lists on the government website here. Many of these titles are available in our school library, and most public libraries stock the books featured in the challenge.



To enrol your child in this exciting challenge, simply email me at  by the end of week 1 term 2. Once registered, you'll receive your child's unique username and password to log their reading progress. Remember, it's never too late to join the reading adventure!

Please include in your email your child's name as you wish it to be printed on the certificate, their year level and teacher.


When you receive your child's username and password please copy and paste exactly as it comes to you. These are auto generated and some have spaces in them.


Certificates of Achievement

At the conclusion of the challenge, students who complete the required number of texts will receive a prestigious certificate signed by the Premier, acknowledging their dedication to reading.

Let's ignite a passion for reading in our children and celebrate their literary accomplishments together. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in the 2024 Premier's Reading Challenge!


Login for entering your reading

At home you need to enter your child's reading. Please use the link below to access the login and use the login for Catholic and independent schools not the Government school login.




Please use this login as the link I have sent to the children I have already enrolled takes you to 2023!




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