The Arts

Performing & Visual Arts

Art Academy: Pierre Bonnard Exhibition 

On Friday 4 August, the Art Academy had the privilege to see the Pierre Bonnard exhibition at the NGV. We took the tram to the NGV and entered the exhibition. There were many fascinating and interesting pieces of art being displayed all throughout the different rooms, including pieces of furniture. The exhibition was colourful, engaging, compelling and remarkable. This excursion was a success and was very inspiring towards the Art Academy students.


Isabelle Naidoo 7R

Visual Arts:  Melbourne Now

Recently the Year 9 Textiles class visited the Fashion Now exhibition at the NGV. The exhibition showcased works from emerging to long established Melbourne based fashion designers and it highlighted the craftmanship and artistic prowess of these designers. We all enjoyed seeing the diversity of works and how each piece told stories of identity, sustainability and the evolving relationship between fashion and the world around us.


Ms Gretta Harvey


Performing Arts Concert

On Thursday 3 August, the Academy's talented students and exceptional ensemble leaders came together to showcase their artistic prowess in a captivating concert centered around ‘The Classics’. 


The event was a true testament to the dedication, hard work, and passion of all those involved. From the youngest members of the Junior Band to the seasoned performers of the Isabella Strings, every participant poured their heart and soul into their performances, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. 


To open, the African Dance Team took the stage next, infusing the atmosphere with vibrant rhythms and captivating movements that transported us to distant lands. The dancing did not stop there, our two Dance Captains set the stage ablaze with their scintillating tap dance performance of Cole Porter's timeless classic, "It's Too Darn Hot." 


The Pop Band added a contemporary twist to the evening, delivering chart-topping hits with flair and style. 


A true highlight of the evening was the mesmerising performance of a selection "The Phantom of the Opera" by the AMICCI Choir. Their rendition of this iconic piece sent shivers down the spine, capturing the haunting allure of the Phantom's tale while showcasing the incredible vocal range and artistry of our choir members. 


We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students who graced the stage with their talent and passion. Your hard work and dedication shone brightly, and you truly made the Academy of Mary Immaculate proud. 


We also extend our gratitude to the parents and guardians who have supported our young artists on their creative journeys. Your unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm have played an invaluable role in nurturing their talents and fostering their love for the performing arts. 


Lastly, a round of applause and deep appreciation goes out to our ensemble leaders and Performing Arts teachers, whose tireless efforts and guidance have helped shape these remarkable performances. Your expertise and mentorship have been instrumental in bringing out the best in our students and allowing their talents to shine. 


As we reflect on this wonderful evening of artistry and celebration, we are reminded of the power of the performing arts to bring us together, uplift our spirits, and create lasting memories. 


Here's to the performers, the parents, and the teachers who made this concert a resounding success. We look forward to witnessing many more moments of artistic brilliance at our next concert- VCE Music Recital on Thursday 31st of August at 5pm.

Ms Olivia Hamilton

Performing Arts Learning Leader

Music: Conductor Visit & Workshop

Professor Rob McWilliams


On Thursday 20 July the Music Department was visited by a very special guest. Prof. Rob McWilliams is a highly regarded musician, conductor, composer/arranger and music educator across Australia and internationally, working with Yamaha Music Australia as their Education Outreach Clinician with the mission of improving the quality and participation in instrumental music across Australia & New Zealand. Dr. McWilliams delivers Professional Development on all topics related to ensemble direction in band, orchestra, and jazz (conducting, rehearsing, repertoire, recruiting, advocacy, improvisation pedagogy, etc.) as well as ensemble workshops (helping with program setup and development, appearances as guest soloist, etc.) to schools across Australia. 


The Academy was fortunate to host one such ensemble workshop with the Concert Band organized by Ms. Hocking. The students were able to experience being led by a professional conductor, learning not only how to improve their own musicianship, but how to incorporate their playing into an ensemble context to enhance the overall quality of performance. Ms. Hocking was also involved in the workshop, as she has previously performed in Prof. Rob McWilliams’ Yamaha Wind Orchestra and was selected to work with him one-to-one this year in developing her conducting technique. 


This was a valuable experience for the ensemble, one which has been incredibly useful in their preparation for not only the Performing Arts Concert, but the highly anticipated VSMF Victorian Schools Music Festival on Monday 21 August . We wish the ensemble all the best in their inaugural return to the biggest music season of the year.