Students Making a Difference

We are your SMAD group for 2024! 

We are: Arwilla, Matthew, Adam, Zara, Muskan, Zayd, Shayan, Fatima, Meliha and Miss Panozzo. 


We meet fortnightly and discuss how we are doing and what happens around the school including behaviours, attendance and important events.


The mobile phone policy has been one of the issues we have been discussing. We fed back to the teachers that it was being used inconsistently and causing distractions in the classroom. By surveying the students of the school, we were able to suggest improvements at a staff meeting in order for it to be used more effectively. 


As a group, we help to promote school events including the Swimming and Athletics carnivals, with the swimming carnival becoming the most attended event of term 1. 


During our meeting time, we also plan and coordinate Social Awareness Days. Our first Social Awareness Day for Term 1 was International Women’s Day, where we ran an activity for staff and students to create a poster about women that have inspired throughout our life. These can be seen as part of our Social Awareness corridor at the front of the school. 


For Cultural Diversity Week we started off with a whole school assembly about our Human Rights Approach. We talked about how we not only need to accept our differences but also celebrate them. So to respect every culture, we had activities during the week to celebrate our diversity. We started by doing henna which is popular in the Middle Eastern and South Asia and also had flag colours face painting. In preparation, we surveyed each student’s nationality and cultural identity and had their flags displayed in the hall.


As a whole school we gathered in the hall where students and teachers dressed up to showcase their culture and paraded through the hall in front of the school audience. We had judges pick the best dressed from every year level and celebrated each other in a positive and supportive way. 


We also had a poster making competition where students made posters about common misconceptions about their countries to spread awareness and break stereotypes. Congratulations to Zaynah Farhah and Arwilla Victoria for winning the poster competition.


It has been a busy Term 1 and we look forward to Term 2 with Reconciliation Week and International Men’s Health Day. 


Thank you, SMAD team.