Careers at JFC

Ms Kathy Miller

Wow what a start to Term 2. So much happening at JFC. Students settling into school along with, Vet’s and School Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships. Year 9 Morrisby profiling has started, and catch-up sessions will happen over the next couple of weeks. This is a great program which really helps our year 9’s start talking about their desired pathways. As a part of this process Interviews will take place later. Year 9 students were lucky to have Matthew and Dante present on these days from the Year 12 VCE VM class. They took on a leadership and observation role. As senior students I was extremely proud of the way in which they interacted with the Year 9’s. Awesome work to the both of you. Interactive headsets have been a hit with our senior classes. They have been booked for future dates.

Students in Year 10 are busy looking for placements in Work Experience. It’s exciting to see so many students passionate about this. Come and see me if your having difficulty finding somewhere. If any of our families know or have a business that can accommodate this, please reach out to me at the College.

Two students from Year 10 have been given the opportunity to attend Kangan Institute as part of the Build-10 Program. Completing a Certificate II in Building and Construction program. Attending Tafe twice a week and school three days. A wonderful start for their pathways.

Joanne from Head start is at JFC once a week. So, if you are interested in a traineeship or school-based apprenticeship please come and see me in the Career Hub.  


*****Congratulations to Rayhan Waljairin Year 12 for receiving student of the week award at ONTTC VET Plumbing. Highlighting your effort and commitment and consistently following ONTTC’s values. Good Job!!


Upcoming events:

 Morrisby Profiling and Interviews for Year 9’s                        

 Trade and Tech Expo for Year 9-12 girls.            

VET Discovery and Workshop’s                                                                 

Annual Career Expo at JFC                       

 Interactive headset sessions                                  

VCE Information sessions for Year 10’s.               

Year 10 2024 VCE VM Interviews for 2025            

Year 12 VTAC/Pathway meetings with Kathy Miller                                                                   Pathway meetings for Year 10 students 2024  


Be Happy Kathy Miller