International Student Program

Thursday 22 February 2024

We are thrilled that all our new international students have settled in well and started to make new friends.


Mordialloc Experience Excursion

As part of our Orientation Program, our ILC English teacher Mrs Podessor organised a special excursion for our new students to discover our beautiful Mordialloc shopping centre area. The students were split into groups and given the task of asking passersby the following questions: "What is your favorite thing to do in Mordialloc? Which is the best restaurant in Mordialloc? Is there anything in Mordialloc I need to be careful of?"


All the students had a great experience learning more about the Mordialloc community and getting outside of their comfort zone.


Year 10 Work Experience information session

Last Wednesday, our College Career Pathway Coordinator Mrs Doanvy Roberts delivered an information session for our Year 10 Mainstream International students about the One Work Experience program commencing in May. Mrs Roberts mentioned the importance of work experience, shared her own experiences with us and gave the students useful tips in finding work experience opportunities. 


We really appreciated Mrs Roberts' time and effort.


Happy Birthday in February 

Four students celebrated their birthdays this month. February is a special month! Happy birthday to Zac, Tim, Mai and Sherry! Thank you Ms Charmine Ji for preparing presents for them as a surprise.


First Presentation 

Our ILC students did their first ever Oral presentations to introduce themselves last week. We were very impressed by their efforts, bravery and humour. Well done!  


Our last new arrival for Term 1 2024

Following some delays in visa processing, our last new student for Term 1 has finally arrived! Her name is Ivy Wang, she is 14 years old and lives with her homestay family in Patterson Lakes. Ivy plays beautiful piano at level 10. She loves sports and listening to music. 

We wish her all the best at our College.

Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator