Denise's Message

Dear Families,


Orthodox Easter

We wish all our families celebrating Orthodox Easter this weekend, a very Happy and Holy Easter. 

May the blessing of the day bring peace, joy, and good health.




Staff News

Kate Johnston

Kate’s (Yr1/2KF) final day at school before beginning her Maternity Leave will be on FRIDAY 17TH MAY, the end of Week 5 and she will remain on leave for the remainder of 2024 and into 2025 while she cares for her new baby.


I am pleased to announce that STEPHANIE (STEPH) TAYLOR will replace her.

Steph comes to us highly recommended having previously taught in junior classes in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.


She will be employed to work alongside Fiona Dunne as a class teacher for Yr 1/2KF which will become known as Yr 1/2SF. Steph will begin work here on WEDNESDAY 15TH MAY and during that week a thorough handover will be done with Kate and Fiona to share student and school information as well as an introduction to all children. I know you will all make her welcome here at St Michael's.


Georgie Wiley

Georgie joined us at the beginning of this year as a Learning Support Officer working in

 the 5/6 classrooms. She has recently moved to a suburb further away from North Melbourne and is finding the commute to St Michael's challenging. Georgie has decided to take up another position at a school closer to her new home. She will end her time here at the end of next week, we thank her for all she has contributed to our community in her time here and wish her every success at her new school.


School Punctuality

Over the past week, I have noticed an increasing number of children arriving late for

 school. Punctuality is crucial for success in school. Arriving on time sets a positive tone for the day, shows respect for teachers and classmates, and ensures that students don't miss important instructions or announcements. It also helps students develop a sense of responsibility and time management skills, which are valuable traits both in academic and professional settings. Coming into class late can be embarrassing for your child. Arriving on time sets them up for a successful day. I ask all families to assist their children in being on time for school each day of the week. 


After School Car Parking

Parents and guardians are expected to follow all road traffic rules when picking up children after school and it is concerning to see some of the dangerous practices taking place during school pick-up times. Ensuring the safety of children should always be a top priority for parents and guardians.  Ultimately, it's essential for everyone in the community to work together to ensure the safety of children during school pick-up times. By following traffic rules we can create a safer environment for everyone involved.

If families continue to act in such dangerous ways the Traffic Managers from the Council and the Police will be asked to attend and book those who continue to offend.


ECSI Parent Survey

We thank the families who were able to participate in the ECSI survey which provides us a family perspective on our school’s Catholic identity. Congratulations to Hui Lee (parent of Yik in Prep L) who has won a $50 gift voucher.





School Signage

We have recently placed new signage at both the Brougham St and Flemington Rd entrances of the school sharing with the community our motto.  I would love to hear some feedback from you, please feel free to drop me an email with your thoughts on the clarity, visibility and content of the signs.


Prep 2025 Enrolments


Prep enrolment for 2025 closes on May, 31. We have had strong interest so far and will begin family interviews shortly to offer families a position for their child in 2025. Current families need to apply via our website as soon as possible.






Denise Hussey



'The most simple thing I can do is to be good today but better tomorrow'

Catherine McAuley - Mercy Sisters Foundress



All students attending St Michael's Primary School have the right to feel safe. The care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people is a fundamental responsibility of all within our school./