From the Head of Year 7

Mrs Tracey La Vanda

Year 7 Retreat and Activity Day

It was an exciting start to Term 2 with our Year 7 Retreat and Activity Day. 


The Retreat is part of our Student Ministry Program and it was a wonderful opportunity for students to reflect on their time at the College to date. Led by 24:7 School Ministry, students participated in a range of activities and prayerful experiences that gave them an opportunity to search for traces of God in their lives and self-reflect. The main objectives of the Retreat are as follows:

  • Recognising that family is the first community we join, and it is here that God teaches us much about what it means to love and live with one another.
  • Recognising that our school community builds on this understanding of living and loving one another as we encounter other members of God’s family and study within an environment of inspiration upon which our school community was built.
  • Recognising that being one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, the Church forms the very foundation upon which we can live and share our lives in service to each other and the world.

Our Year 7 students had a wonderful time throughout the Retreat and it was an absolute blessing to watch them share their experiences with their peers.


After a pizza lunch, our Year 7 students joined our Certificate III Sport and Recreation students, Year 7 Religious Education Teachers, Heads of House and House Co-ordinators for an afternoon of outdoor activities, aimed at continuing to develop positive relationships with their peers. 


The program, designed and led by our Certificate III Sport and Recreation students, promoted teamwork, creative thinking and problem-solving. Going by the smiles on their faces, they thoroughly enjoyed participating in the activities and it was a valuable opportunity to develop skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.


There are so many people to thank for the role they played in ensuring the day ran smoothly, but I would like to extend a special thank you to Mr Ryan Godfrey and Ms Margaret Kyd for their leadership and support to deliver this wonderful opportunity for our Year 7 students.

Mrs T La Vanda

(Head of Year 7)