Specialist Subjects

P.E Auslan STEAM


Our Grade 5/6 students competed at the Officer District Lightning Premiership on Friday 15th March in Volleyball, Tennis and Cricket. All teams had lots of fun and did a fantastic job representing the school with pride. A special mention to our Girls Tennis and Volleyball team who finished the day Champions and Runners Up. A huge accomplishment for our school, we are so proud! We are looking forward to our Winter round robin where students will play Netball, Soccer and T-ball throughout Term 2. 

As we look towards next term, we are getting organised for our House Cross Country. Students who are in the 12/13, 11, 10 and 9 year old age groups will run their Cross Country at Officer Recreation Reserve. This will happen on Monday 22nd April and students will walk down to the reserve in their grades. Our 5/6, 7 and 8 year old age groups will complete their Cross Country within the school grounds on Tuesday 23rd April.  More information will be distributed on compass.

In P.E classes we have been focusing on games from other countries inspired by Harmony week. We loved playing games from Japan, Chile and China. Students found it interesting that some of these games had similarities to what we play here in Australia. 



Our Prep and Junior students are full of confidence with their colours. We have been playing games where students need to sign a colour and their partner needs to touch something in the room of the same colour. Students have been signing full sentences including a range of colours and their peers have been translating what has been said with full understanding which is really cool to see!

Students in Grade 3 - 6 are flying with their ability to ask questions involving ‘who, what, where and when?’. Students have set goals and have progressed in their skills being able to sign multiple sentences with a variety of sentence starters. Some students are able to answer questions with great fluency. It’s been an unreal start to the year and I can’t wait to see what next term has in store!



We have had a fantastic term in STEAM! This week, we attended an immersive Indigenous exhibition 'Walking on a Songline'. Students were in amazement while they appeared to be part of the light and sound show. Some students said the movement of the lights made them feel like they were moving! This show links into the projects that the Grade 3-6 students will be doing next term, combining digital technology and art. 


The Junior students completed their building projects and tested them against the simulated weather events. They learned about which structures and materials supported strength and protection. 


Our Grade 3/4 students finished their projects for the Zoos Victoria STEM Challenge. Students worked together and created incredible ideas to help enrich their chosen zoo animal. 


In the Grade 5/6 classes, students completed their garden design projects. There were so many well-thought designs to support Indigenous plant life, local wildlife species, edible plant life and more!