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Important Dates

SC1 Vintage Cars & Community WalkWednesday 6th September 
SC2 Indigenous PerformanceWednesday 6th September 
VSSS Rehearsal Days

Thursday 7th September

Friday 8th September

SC1 Sovereign Hill Excursion Tuesday 12th September
Celebration of LearningWednesday 13th September
Scotsburn AssemblyThursday 14th September
Last Day of TermFriday 15th September

SC1 Vintage Cars and Community Walk - Wednesday

On Wednesday 6th September (tomorrow) students from SC1 will need to be dropped at the Buninyong Campus in the morning, meeting in the courtyard at 8:45am. We will be participating in our Community Walk - which had been postponed earlier in the term. After recess we will be participating in a vintage cars incursion which is also part of our Then and Now Integrated Studies topic. 


Students will be bused back at 12.30pm and will be dismissed from the Scotsburn Campus at the end of the day as normal. If you have any questions, please see Ana or Kirsty.

SC2 Indigenous Performance - Wednesday

On Wednesday 6th September (tomorrow) students from SC2 will also need to be dropped at the Buninyong Campus in the morning, meeting in the courtyard at 8:45am. As part of their Integrated studies, SC2 (along with all 3/4 Buninyong students) will be heading to the gym to view an entertaining exploration into the culture and day to day life of a hunter gatherer, leaving students with a lasting insight into Aboriginal histories and cultures. The performance combines dance, storytelling and music. Students will also get to see a collection of artefacts - weapons, tools, nets and other everyday items all used to fully engage and educate. 


Students will be bused back to Scotsburn just before recess and will be dismissed from the Scotsburn Campus at the end of the day as normal. If you have any questions, please see Jarrod.


If you are yet to pay or give consent to this event, please check Compass and pop into the office at Buninyong first thing on Wednesday.

Scotsburn Assembly

Due to Buninyong planning teams using the shed this week, we will again have to postpone our Scotsburn assembly. To make up for this, we will hold a special Scotsburn end of term assembly celebration next Thursday 14th September. This will be held in the shed at 9:10am, with lots of awards, prizes, celebrations and hopefully a couple of performances!


We hope to see everyone there, to round out what has been another incredible term at Scotsburn!

Victorian State School Spectacular - Thursday, Friday and Saturday

A massive good luck to Liz and our VSSS team, who head off on Thursday and Friday for two days of rehearsals and then two performances on Saturday. We all appreciate the time and effort that has gone into planning, preparing, practising and rehearsing in the lead up to this event, and we know all involved will have an experience that they will never forget. Thanks Liz for your dedication and enthusiasm towards providing students with such an amazing opportunity.

150 Year Celebrations at Buninyong

Wow! What an incredible day Friday was! There was some magic in the air throughout the day and it was so amazing to see students really get into the spirit of the event. The assembly in the morning was jam packed with action, and all students should be congratulated with how well they listened and demonstrated respect throughout what was quite a long period of time. We then got to head out for the fashion parade, which was definitely a highlight. 


Throughout the remainder of the day, each class then had the opportunity to participate in themed activities, allowing students to appreciate how school was experienced differently during the past 150 years. 


Thank you so much to all parents and families for embracing the day. Events like this remind us of what a special community we have within Scotsburn and Buninyong, and it is definitely something to be treasured and celebrated.


Please check out other sections of this newsletter for more photos, images and celebrations from the day.

Scotsburn Celebration of Learning

Next Wednesday (13th September), Scotsburn will host our Term 3 Celebration of Learning. This will take place at Scotsburn between 5pm and 7pm. The purpose of this evening is to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their goals and learning, celebrating their amazing learning achievements with their parents and carers. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for our parents and carers to get a first hand insight into what their child is getting up to in all areas of their schooling.


Over the night, students and parents will be able to walk in and out of all learning spaces, which will be showcasing lots of different learning that has taken place this term/year. There will also be the opportunity for parents, guardians and students to participate in some interactive activities. 


The campus will be running a BBQ on the night, $2 per sausage. Make sure to come and grab a snag or two!


We would love all families and students to attend, we can’t wait to see you there!

Whole School Assembly on Last Day of Term

On Friday 15th September (last day of term), the Scotsburn Campus will be joining the Buninyong Campus students and staff for an end of term whole school assembly at Buninyong. This means that we will start the day at the Buninyong Campus, meeting in the courtyard at 8.45am. We will then bus back up to Scotsburn at 11am to finish the day as per normal routine. A reminder that school will conclude at 2.30pm for the end of term. 

On this day, students are also invited to come dressed in their favourite team colours. Usually, students are asked to bring a gold coin donation on casual dress days to support a good cause. 


On footy colours day, we encourage students to collect as many 5c coins as they can, as 5c coins have become synonymous with Mphatso. This is how much it costs to provide a bowl of porridge to a student each day at school. For many of the children, this is the only food they will have for the day. 

Parent Volunteering and Assistance

Thanks to those who have volunteered their assistance for our various programs and activities, below are our helpers for this week. 

If you would like to add your name to an activity, please click on the following link:

Eggs for sale

 If you would like to buy some fresh free range eggs, please see any of the Scotsburn staff. 

1 dozen $6 or ½ dozen $3

Enrolments for 2023

If you have a child or know of someone who has a child to enrol in Prep for 2024, please see Ana for an enrolment form, go to the office at Buninyong or access an enrolment form via our school website. We are excited that in line with the current Department of Education guidelines we are able to provide our Pre-Schooler Program during the fourth term as part of our enrolment process. Once you have returned your enrolment form, you will be sent further information to book your child into the Pre-Schooler Program. Please see Ana if you require further information.

Holiday Animal Care

With the holidays fast approaching, we would like to put out the invitation to any families who would be interested in taking home Pip the lizard for the break, as well as assist with the feeding of our chickens and collection of eggs. If you think your family may be able to assist with either of these tasks over the break, please pop in and see Jarrod this week.

SC1 Learning Snapshot

We hope all our Dads and Special People had a lovely day on Sunday and enjoyed their cards and special gifts that were made with love. 


This week we have our vintage car visit at Buninyong. Please see the information above regarding drop off and pick up.


In Reading, we have continued to focus on strategies to help us read and comprehend. This includes decoding, and comprehending what it is we are reading. You will notice, each Monday, your child comes home with a new ‘Speed Read’. We are asking that you practise the speed read with your child each night for the week to increase their reading skills. Monday’s Reading session focuses on decoding and building fluency. The ‘speed read’ is a fundamental part of our reading lesson and we hope with more practice as the days go along, each child will grow in confidence.


In Maths for the remainder of the term, we will focus on Time. This incorporates digital and analog time, along with the use of the calendar and naming seasons. Please take the opportunity to question your child on ‘what time is it now’ and tell them the time of things, such as, at 8pm it is bedtime.


We look forward to another great week of learning.




Ana and Kirsty

SC2  Learning Snapshot

Thank you so much everyone for the effort that went into the 150th Celebration. What a fun day! 


In Writing, students have been working very hard on creating informative booklets about their chosen animals. These are almost finished, and we will have these on display at the Celebration of Learning.


This week students will be learning about Mass. They have been very excited to use the scales in the classroom. It would be wonderful if students could practise weighing items at home.





SC3 Learning Snapshot

Happy Fathers’ Day to our dads and Special People out there. I hope you were all made to feel very special and were able to enjoy the glorious sunshine!


This week in SC3, students are putting their final touches on their Shark Tank presentations. This includes finalising their speech and presentation, making their product/prototype, creating an advertisement and a jingle, and practising their performances. Students will be presenting at Scotsburn next Monday, with one or two groups then having the opportunity to present at the Buninyong Shark Tank grand final on Tuesday. 


A reminder that final payment and consent for camp closes this Sunday. We still have a few students to have payment and consent completed. If you are requiring any assistance with this, please let me know. I will be sending home a hard copy of all camp information this week, so that families can be fully informed and ready, prior to the holidays. It is starting to get close, which is very exciting!


See you all during the week,



Specialist News

Whoops! Last week I wrote a blurb about the SC2 artworks but forgot to add some pics! We actually wrote about the beautiful Buninyong scenery that inspired these artworks and added them into the time capsule as well. Here is last week’s blurb again with some pictures included!

 Whoops! Last week I wrote a blurb about the SC2 artworks but forgot to add some pics! 

We actually wrote about the beautiful Buninyong scenery that inspired these artworks and added them into the time capsule as well. Here is last week’s blurb again with some pictures included!

Scotsburn Intercampus Travel

At times, Scotsburn students will be transported between campuses in order to attend classes, assemblies, special days and events. On most occasions, transport required through the day will be by bus and occasionally private car for smaller groups of students. Parents may be asked to drop off or collect from the Buninyong campus if sessions are at the beginning or ending of a day.

We will always let you know of any upcoming travel arrangements via our newsletter, Compass, or via phone for smaller, more specific travel arrangements. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding intercampus travel, please contact your child’s teacher.

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