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Book Week!

This years Book Week came with the catch phrase "Read, Grow, Inspire" and that we certainly did! Through the week students had the chance to visit a different classroom on different days during lunch eating time to listen to a range of picture story books. Book Week was celebrated all through the week, although we had our dress up and fun activities day on Thursday. Students participated in poetry creation, character/poetry collages and generating their own comic online. It was fantastic to see smiley faces all through the day and our more senior students demonstrated a great willingness to support those younger. A great day was had, and some amazing costumes were designed!

Book Week in F/1


What an outstanding Book Week Celebration! Not only did everyone look amazing, but our poetry, illustrating and comic technology sessions were fantastic! We were able to celebrate all things literature as a whole school and it was wonderful to see everyone upholding our school value of Unity and working together. Please see below the photos of the fabulous Foundation/1’s.


Australian History - 2/3s

We've been looking at our local Indigenous sites, as well as significant events that have shaped our countries history. At the moment students have been reading and learning about first contact with other cultures, as well as conditions experienced by those on board the first fleet coming to Australia. We have been dissecting the text "Young Dark Emu" to inform our learning of our nations history.

Wear It Purple Day

We wore purple because all people are different, and we were celebrating that we are nice to others. We can include people no matter what. 


Kitchen - 3/4

Thanks to Jo for running our Kitchen session, and Rachel for helping us out.

Here are some student reviews:

Sushi Sandwiches

"The rolled sandwiches are delicious" - Hugh

"I like the compacted in one taste of the sandwiches. It was very very delicious." - Thomas

Kale Chips

"I liked the smoky" - Bea / "Yeah" - Mae & Isabella

"Smoky for sure" - Jaxson

"I liked the salt and pepper. I want to make this at home." - Hugh

"Oh boy! That's sour. I love the smoky and sweet one" - Lily

"I can taste the lemon in it" - Matilda

Pumpkin scones

"Everything was amazing. I liked the scones most of all. The jam is so good." - Jai

"They're so good 'cos I made them" - George

"They're the best scones I've had!" - Jim