Swimming Carnival

On Friday the 1st of March, the students of Killester College participated in their annual swimming carnival at Noble Park Aquatic Centre. 


It was a fun-filled day with many costumes, competition, and fun activities.  Not only did we have the swimming events going, but we also had a number of other activities like face painting, a photobooth and the splash park which we could participate in.


From the first event of the day, the 100 metre freestyle race, until the last relay, there was extreme levels of encouragement from students and teachers of the four different houses cheering on their swimmers.


The tallies throughout the day were extremely close, but a massive congratulations to MacKillop House on their big win!  Thank you to all the swimmers who participated in their events, as well as to all the students and teachers who participated and helped organise the day.


Tahnysha T

Year 12 Sports Leader