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Year 10 Fashion Workshop

Year 10 Fashion Workshop students exploring pattern making and garment construction methods with 1/2 scale mannequins with amazing results. The students are using fashion icon Audrey Hepburn to inspire a collection. They have been skilling up on methods of construction including seams, gathering, pleating and making darts. They are on the way to creating their own Audrey inspired dress. Well done students!


Ms Miha

Textiles Teacher


Yr 11 VCE VET Lab Skills Excursion

On the 28th of February, the Year 11 VCE VET Lab Skills class went to the Yakult Factory to dive deep and learn about the commonly loved childhood drink, Yakult. We were given the opportunity to explore the factory and even participate in a range of experiments that replicate the same procedures that are completed to sell them around Australia and New Zealand.    


We were taken into the Education Room where we proceeded to complete various tests as if we were the Yakult laboratory quality control technicians. The tests that we conducted included plate counts, Brix test, pH test, chlorine testing, and microscopy examination of bacteria found in a sample of Yakult.


Overall, it was a very fun day and we are thankful for the staff that came along with us (Ms Roberts and Scott) and Ms Diep for planning the whole event for us!! As well as the Yakult employees for assisting us throughout the day (and for the take-home goodies!).


Leah T, Lia T, Doniel V & Alessia W

Year 11 VCE Lab Skills Students

Year 8 Textiles

Year 8 students are having fun creating their Emojis with felt. They have sewn the Emojis with hand embroidery stitches and finished them with a charm and key ring.


Well done students!


Ms Miha

Textiles Teacher

10 Sculpture Incursion

Our Year 10 got the wonderful opportunity to learn from artist Tracey Lamb. They got to create amazing constructions with Natural Bamboo and made sculptures with thread.


We thank Tracey for her time and knowledge.


Ms P

Art Teacher

Year 11 Art Creative Practice Incursion

Our Year 11 Art Creative Practice class also got the opportunity to spend time with Tracey Lamb who created fantastic Bamboo sculptures.

Year 12 VET Cookery - BIG BRUNCH for Staff!

Last week our Year 12 VET Cookery students cooked up a Big Brunch for our staff to enjoy. It was such a huge hit and we all loved it.

On the menu were:

  • Bacon, Egg and Chives quiches
  • Pancakes
  • Ham and eggs benedict
  • Breakfast Tacos
  • Fresh fruits

Well done to our Year 12 Cookery class!

Year 12 Physics Excursion


Today our Year 12 Physics students embarked on an excursion to attend the Physics Activity Day at Luna Park. Students will gather data to be analysed in class and form the basis of Unit 3 AOS 1 SAC 1.


We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and we all had so much fun together. As always, our students were great college ambassadors during our excursion.

International Women's Day

Together, our staff and students show their support for International Women's Day <3 #InspireInclusion