From the Classroom


Our first term beginning school has gone very quickly. We are their proud teachers and congratulate them all on their academic achievements. 

We encourage you to continue your child’s reading of take home readers that are in their plastic pocket. It is important to keep this practice up as long breaks can definitely impact progress that they have been currently made. Please give yourself a break from signing in their books. Familiar books are wonderful for building confidence, however, finger pointing with a strong bossy finger is essential to demonstrate 1:1 matching of text.

This term we have worked hard on learning the name, sound and character for the following letters of the alphabet …

Ss, Aa, Mm, Tt, Pp, Ii, and Nn. If you have little whiteboard at home it would be wonderful practice to write them. In the last few weeks we have been working hard to blend the above letters/sounds to make words such as mat, pat, pit, sit, man, nap.

Much effort has been given also to the correct handwriting of the numerals 0 to 9.

The students have really enjoyed pencil/paper activities, colouring in, cutting and pasting to complete tasks. Their Learning Books are a credit to this.

We now celebrate Easter and wish all a very happy and safe break. We look forward to the children returning feeling refreshed and recharge. Next term no hats are required at school. Please enjoy the attached photos of some of our completed learning. We are sure the children will be able to talk you through them. 



Grade 2 Easter Fun in the Art Room


The Grade 2 students have had some fun completing two Easter activities in the Art room this week. Firstly, we made pasta patterns in the shape of an Easter Egg and then painted them with acrylic paint. Secondly, we drew an Easter bunny and filled it in with zentangle patterns, finishing it off with a colourful background. Smiles and happiness filled the room and it was a great way to finish the term.