Lunch Orders & Pie Warmer

Pie Warmer

Hot lunches will start next term on a Tuesday. Please wrap your child's hot lunch in foil with their name and class. These will happen for term 2 and 3.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders from The Junction will continue each Friday. Orders are due to the classroom Thursday morning. Student name, class and order are to be written clearly on a brown paper bag with cash placed inside. The current menu is below.



Salad roll $5 Add chicken, ham, or salami $1

Warm chicken wrap $6

Quiche $3.5

Toasted Sandwich $4 (chicken or ham)

Fresh Fruit cups with greek yogurt $3

mac and cheese $6

Spag bol $5

Homemade pie $4

Baked potato $5 (sour cream, cheese, and bacon)

Beef Burrito $6