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Welcome to 2024

I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break. 


Information Night 

This year we have made a strategic decision to hold our Information Night earlier than usual  - it will be held on Wednesday 28th February – this will be a key driver in publicising our amazing school for 2025 enrolments. 

You may have seen real estate boards advertising the Information Night at key locations around Maroondah, thanks to our fantastic supporter in vogl +  walpole estate agents who have sponsored the boards. 

Please consider vogl + walpole if you are buying or selling a house. 

And please tell your family and friends who are looking for a school in 2025 about the Information Night. 


Working Bee

Our Building and Grounds team has been busy already and has earmarked Sunday 25th February for a Working Bee at 10am. This will be key in showing off our beautiful school grounds ahead of the Information Night. 

Keep your eyes on Compass and the MPS Facebook Community page for more information. 


School Council 2024

As a School Council, we are currently looking for new members to join us for 2024. 


Official information from the Department of Education about the purpose of School Council can be found here (


But what does that mean? And why should you consider joining School Council? 

  • It’s an opportunity to strategically and positively contribute to how MPS operates, and to be a part of making our school even better for the years ahead. 
  • It’s only two School Council meetings per term and you can choose if you join a sub committee or not. The work outside meetings is relatively minimal. 
  • Everyone is welcome and everyone’s contribution is valued
  • It’s a great way to get to know other families, teachers and the school community. 
  • If you nominate for Council, it is for a two-year term. 


The Sub-Committees meet twice a term and are made up of School Council members and non-School Council members (so if SC isn’t for you in 2024, please consider joining a Sub-Committee to get a taste of what we do) 

In 2023, our Sub-Committees were:

  • Finance
  • Publicity and Promotion 
  • OHSC
  • Education
  • Building and Grounds 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tim, or one of the School Council members listed below. 

Alternatively, our first meeting of 2024 will be held on Tuesday 27th February at 6.30 in the staff room – please feel free to join us. 


2022 School Council members – Clare Arthurs (parent of Jared in Grade 5 and Elise in Grade 4, Chris Barre (parent of Sully in Grade 6, Angus in Grade 3 and Finn in Prep), Di Collis (parent of Edward in Grade 3 and Catherine in Grade 1), Kelly Hamilton (parent of Jed in Grade 4) and Ebonie Rio (parent of Cooper in Grade 5 and Oli in Grade 3) and Helen Edwards (Prep teacher). 



Kind regards,

Clare Arthurs

School Council President













Contact School Council

If you have any questions, concerns or items to raise with school council, please email  or