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District Swimming Carnival.


The RDPSSA Swimming Carnival will be held at the Tintern swimming pool (access from Loma St.) on Monday 24th February  2024

Each District will be competing at the following times 

Warrandyte South   2.20 - 3.30pm. ( Be at the pool by 1.50 pm incase of an earlier start)  

students have to travel to and from the venue with a parent or guardian.

If any one is interested please contact myself

Robyn Revell has kindly offered to be the parent in charge on the day.


Competitors need to be able to qualify see attached times. 

All schools intending to send competitors must have their competitors at the pool at the appropriate time. 



The events are all 50m in the following strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, the 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay and the 4x50m Medley Relay (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle).  The medley relay is an ‘open age’ event.  Each School is permitted to enter one boys/mixed and one girls medley team. Qualifying times are provided to assist with competitor selection (guide only).

NB: Tintern pool is a 25m pool so a “tumble turn” or a “touch and turn” will be required to complete 50m.


Heats will be run - A ‘First District Swimming’ ribbon will be given to the overall winner of each event, plus information for the Division Swimming carnival.  1st to 3rd ribbons will be awarded to individual heat winners.


Please ensure that selected students are capable of swimming 50m proficiently in their preferred strokes.

Ask your students to submit times to you before this event to assist you in compiling your team.  It is a suggestion to not provide students with qualifying times, rather compare their submitted times to those below.


Qualifying Times:

StrokeAll age groups
50m FreestyleUp to 55 secs
50m BackstrokeUp to 60 secs
50m BreaststrokeUp to 65 secs
50m ButterflyUp to 65 secs


The carnival is open to 10, 11 and 12/13 year olds. Nine year olds will compete in the 10 year age group.


Each child is permitted to try out for two individual events, one freestyle relay and one medley relay.

Each school is allowed to submit four individual freestyle entrants per age group, and two entrants for the other individual events per age group.


NB: Competitors in Ringwood and Warrandyte South Districts will need to wait in the viewing gallery until they are called poolside.

Seating is available for spectators in the upstairs viewing gallery in the Tintern Gym complex. Competitors will be seated on the pool deck. NO parents on pool deck please – unless they are a team marshal.

  • Swim caps will be required by all swimmers.

Only bottled water is allowed in the pool area. Snacks can be eaten in the viewing area.

Successful competitors who qualify for the Maroondah Division Swimming Carnival on, Thursday  7th March, 2024 will be given their information sheet at the RDPSSA Carnival.

  • Please remind parents not to park in the school carpark as this is for staff only.


please read the following flyer for an Ringwood Swimming meet opportunity. 



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