Sport & PE

with notes from our Sport leaders

Kyneton High School

Kyneton High School will make their final visit next Monday. They have organised a colour run and BBQ for our students. Photos and a report to follow in the next newsletter edition.


From next Friday 3rd Nov we will be fortunate to have the first session of 5 weeks of cricket coaching! Watch this space!


Soccer nets

Due to the age of our soccer goals it was tricky to find a net system to cater for our needs. We believe we have been able to get as close as we can thanks to Abel goal & flagpole manufacturers in Melbourne. Our nets have been ordered along with a system to raise them up for mowing and wildlife protection. Once they arrive we will get the new system installed as soon as possible.



We will have a triangular straight back (polyester 3.5mm) net but with a lift as seen in these pictures.