International Student Program

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Short Term Study

This term we welcomed two international students Ken and Alex from China into our Y7 mainstream and ILC as a Short Term Study Student. We are so pleased to see that both students have had a great time and enjoyed the stay with our College community. 


Alex Zhao - ILC

"We can learn a lot of new knowledge/subjects in school here that we have not learned in China, such as: Chemistry, Cooking and Math study.


There are only 12 students in my ILC class here, but at least 40 students in one classroom in China. There are also four classes a day here while eight classes a day or more in China. I feel learning English in China is just for the exam, while here I feel that learning English is just about communicating with people."


Alex is planning to enrol with us as a standard international student in 2025.


Ken - Year 7 

"My time in Mordialloc has been spectacular. All the teachers and staff are all so kind and helpful. It's very different from China, where I live. Here, classes are changed and mixed up every year, which I think is a great idea. This means you can meet different people, make new friends, and expand your friend group. 


Something I also noticed the difference is the lockers - in China we don’t have lockers as we keep our books in our desks. Although having a locker means more time and effort spent on walking to the lockers and taking the books, it teaches us how to care for our own property and reminds us how to keep on time, either to classes or for recess. All in all, the time at Mordialloc College has been a wonderful experience for me. Meeting new friends, learning new things, and the culture here."

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ken's English teacher Mr Christopher Beasley, as Ken's mother asked if she could speak to one of Ken's teachers. Mr Beasley happily arranged a meeting at very short notice. Ken's mother told us that she would enrol Ken to our College  when Ken is studying  Year 9.


Immersion with Year 11 local students 

Last week, Mr Brendan McFarland introduced his Year 11 PE class students to conduct an "Active Australia" survey with our ILC students. Our ILC students have successfully completed the task. Thank you to our Year 11 students' patience, politeness and well-behaved manners!

Visitor from Education agent - SET

Last Wednesday, two international student recruitment counsellor Mr Vuong and Ms Tran from the education agency called SET visited our College. They were very impressed by our College's beautiful environment. They will be delighted to meet our Assistant Principal Mrs Tracey Bastin in VietNam next month. We wish Tracey a wonderful trip.


Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator