Alumni - News

Hi, my name is Sanika and I’m SCHS Alumni. I graduated from SCHS in 2018 and I completed my Bachelors of Music Performance at Monash's Sir Zelman Cohen School of Music after graduating. I know, right? Selective Entry School but pursuing a music degree…  not really the traditional path! I'm an anomaly, along with 1 or 2 other alumni I know that went off to pursue music. Anyways, while at Cory, I participated in many musicals. One of which, I starred as the female lead, Scaramouche or “Scara” from We Will Rock You. A LOT has changed since then, I’ve been girl-bossing and adulting. Life is amazingly terrible but terribly amazing too. If I can survive life after high school - being my anxious/clumsy/weird self (lol), so can you!


As for my post-Cory musical journey, I recently released my debut single “Brave”. It’s available on all streaming platforms so you should go stream it now! I have my music degree to thank for this song because I was so inspired by my professors/peers at Monash Uni. I also have SCHS to thank for nurturing my talent and creating space for me to get to know the musical side of myself despite being Selective Entry. I had my first headliner at the Brunswick Ballroom (as you can see in the photos) and performed the song with my wonderful band on my birthday. It was an incredible experience that gave me many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. Where am I now? Well, after the Bachelors, I moved on to Audio Engineering at JMC Academy to pursue my future goal of eventually being self-produced. Only 1 unit left for me! Doing this degree made me miss studying STEM related subjects and perhaps I'll go on to pursue something in the Science field next. Who knows?


I have lots of fun and exciting things in store. Join me on my music journey as an independent artist, feel free to check out my social media for up and coming events - don't miss out! :)