Student Learning 


Foundation students worked in pairs to design their own posters of all of our vocab words. They have all completed fantastic work and have shown great understanding of the words. 

Students have also been working very hard on publishing their narratives. Their writing has been inspired by Pamela Allen. They have loved reading books like Messy Hair, Mr Archimedes Bath and the Mr McGee books all written by Pamela Allen.

Year 1/2

Reading: The students have looked at Identifying themes in their text and how the setting relates to the story.

Writing: The students have written some wonderful narratives. They are in the final stages of publishing them.

Sport: This week in sport, the students enjoyed playing hockey.

Year 3/4

Over the years we have been doing experiments for science with Nana B! We have completed catapults, electrical circuits, surface tension and solar panel lights. The 3/4 students get really excited when teachers announce that we are doing science. We all enjoy it very much and Nana.B puts lots of her time in just for us to be happy and learn. So, we need to give her a really big thank you for putting all this time and effort in for us! Next time you see her, thank her, she’d really appreciate it. 

By Nathanael Sutton.