Sustainability and Agriculture

Hume City Council – Gardens for Wildlife

On Wednesday the 20th of March, Hume City Council visited Aitken College and completed an assessment of the College grounds as part of Gardens for Wildlife (G4W) program. The Hume City Council team led by Biodiversity officer; Melissa Doherty were taken on a tour of the College grounds by our Sustainability Captains. The aim of the program is to provide advice on how Aitken could create wildlife friendly habitats to attract native wildlife, such as native butterflies, bees, birds, frogs, and lizards and as a result help our local biodiversity. 


G4W is free to participate and open to all households, schools, and businesses within the Hume City Council municipality. If you would like more information about the Gardens for wildlife program, click on the link below:


Schools Clean Up Australia Day

On Friday March 1st, the Cumberland and Dunhelen Sustainability team participated in the Schools Clean Up Australia Day. The primary objectives of this initiative were to clean up rubbish within the school, increase awareness of the scale and impact of rubbish, and change local community behaviour.

















Mr Dwayne Ganci

Sustainability Coordinator