Foundation Spotlight

A Great Start!

The Foundation students have made a great start back to term two! The students have settled back into their routines and have been ready to learn.



The Foundation team are excited to be working with Hannah Marino from MAV (Maths Association Victoria) who will be teaching a series of lessons to each of the Foundation classes as well as working with the teachers on developing best practice. 


See below pictures of the students' work from one of Hannah’s lessons (solving the fly problem). 


Student reflections:

  • I liked drawing to solve the hard problem. ~ Harry, FA
  • I like telling stories to solve maths problems. ~ Cameron, FA
  • 5 and 5 make 10. You can show it on a tens frame. ~ Justin, FD
  • I knew how many flies there are in your room straight away because I know 5 and 5 make 10. ~ Matilda, FD 


Enjoying PMP

The students have been excited to continue PMP this term. These sessions wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of our parent helpers who brave the cold every Friday morning with us!


Some of the Foundation students shared their favourite part of PMP:

  • My favourite thing is doing the hurdles! ~ Charlie, FC
  • I like seeing my mumma when she helps us! ~ Zoe, FC
  • I like the obstacle course because it’s fun balancing. ~ Iris, FC
  • I like seeing my friends from the other classes and doing the activities. ~ Matilda, FA
  • I think I like everything. I like the obstacle course! ~ Clover, FA
  • I like jumping the hurdles. ~ Benson, FA
  • I like throwing the ball at the trampoline board. ~ Henry BK, FA
  • I like the hurdles because it’s fun to jump. ~ Reggie, FD
  • I love the obstacle course. I like going on top of it. ~ Cleo, FD



This term in writing the students have been learning about nouns and verbs. We have been working on writing complete sentences, including a ‘who’ and a ‘doing’ word, in order to make our sentences more interesting. 


See some of the writing examples below:


~ Foundation Teachers (Tom, Alannah, Jayde, Zoe & Lucy) and Students