Well with Alice

Wellbeing ABC 

The K is for... Kindness!


Kindness is about being friendly, helpful, generous and considerate, without expecting anything in return.


Even though you expect nothing in return, being kind to others comes with many benefits to yourself! 

Kindness reduces stress, it improves mood and happiness and it improves self esteem. Next to this, it creates a sense of belonging as you connect to others through being kind to them.


Here are some ideas to practice kindness:

-Call a friend

-Write and send someone a letter

-Give someone flowers

-Take on a household chore that is not usually your own

-Greet people you pass with a smile and a 'hello'

-Pick up rubbish

-Say thank you

-Give a compliment


-Give money to a good cause

-Pay it forward

-Take the time to check in with someone who is struggling

-Truly listen to someone when they tell you something

-Open the door for someone

-Help someone do something they find difficult


Which idea will you be giving a try? 

Any other acts of kindness you can come up with?


Thank you and KIND regards,

Ms. Alice Romijn

School Chaplain