Global Studies

Every week I continue to be impressed by the amount of French vocabulary that students in Prep, Grade One and Grade Two are able to retain and use. The last couple of weeks in Prep we have been developing our vocabulary of greetings to say hello, share how we are, ask how others are, say thank you and say goodbye. We have also been learning about colours. We have done colour by number in French, played colour bingo and talked about our favourite colours using the phrase, “Ma couleur préférée est…”


We had a little extra time in Prep AC so students learnt some vocabulary around Father’s Day/ Special Person’s Day and were able to make a card for someone they care about.

Perhaps you could ask your child what their favourite colour is in French?


In Grade One and Two we have been extending our vocabulary to have a short conversation in French, as you will have seen on Snapper. Students have also been learning to count to ten and talk about the pets. We are currently working on developing our vocabulary to talk about family members.


Perhaps you could quiz your child on their numbers or ask them to tell you how they are in French?


Au revoir!

Mrs Warner