School Fees & Finance

FEES - 2024

Fee Schedule for 2024 should be set and shared with families in the coming days.   If you would like to pay these in instalments, please complete the Direct Debit form attached below. 

If families are needing to discuss fee support and payment arrangements, please make a time to see the Principal, Jasmine Ryan. 


St Mary’s Fee Policy & Procedure…

It is an expectation and commitment as signed on enrolment that families that can afford to pay school fees in full need to meet their financial obligation to the School. Low-income families who are experiencing financial hardship are able to apply for fee concessions and pay what they can actually afford after formalising arrangements with the School. Therefore it is an expectation that all families will contribute towards school fees.


If at any time St Mary’s families are experiencing financial hardships that challenge your ability to pay school fees, please make an appointment to discuss your needs with the Principal. 

St Mary's School Fee; Policy & Procedure 



St Mary's Direct Debit Form; School Fees