Cyber Safety/STEM

Last week was National eSmart Week which is dedicated to promoting online safety and digital well-being for everyone, especially our children. In this digital age, it's more important than ever to equip ourselves and our families with the knowledge and skills to navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

Throughout the week there were activities for students either in their classes or with their STEM teacher. There were many discussions about how to be safe online. Whether it's understanding social media platforms, managing screen time, or addressing cyberbullying, we're committed to providing students with the tools they need to be safe online and speak to a trusted adult. 

National eSmart Week is not just about individual efforts—it's about coming together as a community to create a safer online environment for everyone. Some students from Year 3-4 also completed a survey about their habits on devices and there was some interesting data which you can read below and perhaps discuss with your family at home. 

Enjoy the holidays and remember to have a healthy mix of green time before screen time!