Mrs Ryan's Fortnightly Reflections

“The great gift of Easter is hope.” Basil C Hume

On this sacred occasion of Easter, may the light of hope and renewal shine brightly upon you and your families. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, may his message of love, forgiveness, and redemption fill your hearts with joy and peace. May this Easter be a time of spiritual growth, deepening our connection with God and each other. 


Congratulations to the whole community on such a wonderfully successful term! As a community our learning has been immense, for our staff, our learners and hopefully our families. Many of our Foundation families are new to our community and I hope that you have enjoyed your first term as a part of St Mary’s. It has been a true joy to see many of you in and around our learning spaces on many occasions. We know how busy our parents are but are truly grateful when you show your support in your child’s learning journey. The growth and progression we experience daily with your children is a true privilege and we are thankful to partner with you. 


Thank you to the families who attended our Community BBQ last night! It was an exceptional turn out, an evening of catch ups, music, games and the Easter Bunny! Thank you to everyone who donated and purchased raffle tickets. It is always an easy yet lucrative fundraiser for our school. I know many people received their prizes last night and the few that remain will come home today. 


Thank you to the many families who have signed our Parent Code of Conduct. St Mary’s expects that our parents and carers behave accordingly particularly when interacting with our teachers. It is imperative that we ensure we have a safe and respectful work environment for all. We appreciate your commitment to our school and ensuring we conduct ourselves respectfully and safely. For families yet to complete this, I ask that this be completed over the holidays at your earliest convenience. 


As we head into term two, St Mary’s enters into its enrolment period for the following school year. I always feel this comes around so early each year. Thank you to the existing families who have completed the first stages of enrolment, it looks to be a high sibling year which is always an exciting time for families. Please continue to keep a watch on our socials to take part in enrolment tours, information sessions and essential dates! 


Term two will yet again be a busy period! Our Compass calendar is as up to date as possible to ensure our communities are well informed. Your classroom teachers will release a curriculum newsletter to families in week one of next term, for class specific events and learnings. A reminder that we do have a school closure day scheduled for Friday 27th April. Staff on this day will explore and build our capacity on ensuring we have a well organisation. 


Again, I thank you all for a wonderful first term. I do wish every family a restful break and hope you enjoy the family time. Wishing you a blessed and joyous Easter filled with faith, hope, and love.


Jasmine Ryan