Junior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning

- Ms. Alice Paget

Term 4 has been a very busy term with both the Year 7 and 8 cohorts taking part in a 6-week swimming course. It has been great to see the students step outside of their comfort zone, approach the lessons with enthusiasm, and see their swimming skills progress. We are all looking forward to seeing the Year 7 and 8 students take part in the Swimming Carnival next year!


Towards the end of term we will be recognising those students in the junior school who have strived for academic excellence and personal best. It is important that students continue giving their best efforts in every class and endeavour to make the most of all their learning opportunities.


Headstart is fast approaching. Students will begin their new classes in Week 9 (3rd December). Year 7 students will transition into their new Year 8 timetable and Year 8s into their Year 9 timetable for 2019, commencing their first electives. Please make sure students have new exercise books/ folders by the 3rd December, so they can make an organised start to the 2019 school year.

I would like to congratulate all students in the junior school for their hard work and progression in their studies, social and emotional development this year!


Ms. Alice Paget

Coordinators' Reflections



It has now been over 300 days since you started secondary school, and you have all come so far! I remember when you all came for that first day of secondary school, learning the way around, and most importantly, how to open those damn lockers!


You have all demonstrated your strengths in the areas you are passionate about and given the unknown a go! Some of you trained in the mornings to go to the state volleyball competition, studied hard and attended the Australian Maths competition, participated in High Resolves, met new friends through the Peer Support program, swung high at tree surfing, scored tries in rugby, opened your mind through Jim’s talk, caught waves at surf camp, explored the Mummies at the museum, saw the stars at Science Works, danced at Harmony Day, asked somebody if they were okay, swam laps at the swimming carnival, ran fast at athletics day, cheered on your house at cross country, received Westall stickers and lots more!


I have enjoyed being your coordinator this year, and cannot wait to help the incoming students transition into Year 7 in 2019. Good luck for Year 8!


Ms. R Vass





Congratulations Year 8s, you made it! What a year.  From struggling to stand on a surf board at Camp Lorne to spending hours taking photos at the Junior School Social, you guys made the most of this year.


You took on leadership roles, were part of various sport teams, and unleashed your inner thespian in the school production. You’ve made us all very proud in 2018.


You embraced me as your coordinator and made my job that much easier by being the amazing kids you are (thanks for laughing at my memes!).

As you come to the end of your Junior School journey, remember to focus on the ways you overcame your struggles and challenges, rather than on the challenges themselves.


All of you have shown that you are more than capable of meeting anything that comes your way head on. 


It has been a pleasure being your coordinator this year. Good luck in Year 9!


Miss P.​


Junior Rugby

On Monday the 22nd of October, Year 7 and 8 boys competed in the u14s Robbie Kearns Shield tournament in the East division. The boys were lucky enough to be able to compete at Westall and had a nice sunny but windy weather day. The boys competed in pool B and played three other schools from the East Division, in the hopes of progressing through to the final and then onto the state finals. Their first game was against Officer Secondary College and the boys played extremely well together as a group. Multiple students were able to score tries and the boys came away with the victory. Their second game was against Hampton Park Secondary College, the boys played hard for the first half of the game, but unfortunately, they were unable to get the win against a more experienced and bigger team. Their final pool game was against Pakenham Secondary College; both teams were very evenly matched. Teams went try for try and despite one last drive after the siren, the game ended in a draw. The boys finished second overall in their pool, so were unable to progress through the final for the day, but they should be commended for their efforts and never give up the positive attitude. The team displayed good sportsmanship all day and the more experienced players provided leadership and guidance for those with less experience.


Melbourne Museum Journey

On Thursday, November 1, the Year 7s went on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum. We arrived at our destination by boarding the train from Westall station to Parliament station.


The Year 7s were split into two groups. Group 1 went to explore “The First Peoples” exhibit, to enhance their knowledge of Ancient Australia, while Group 2 inspected and engaged in the museum exhibitions to supplement their learning of ancient history. The First Peoples exhibit celebrates the history, culture, achievements, and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people. Whereas, The Melbourne Story exhibition consists of historical stories, artefacts, images and interactive components that represent the history of Melbourne.


Finally, the Year 7s came back together to watch the IMAX film, Egypt: Secrets of the Mummies, to explore the world of Egypt. As the day came to an end, everyone had parts of the museum they enjoyed more than others, but overall, we had a fantastic day!


Thu, Kiriaki and Ashley