Middle School Report

Message from the Director of Learning

- Mr. Tom Tahos

We are coming towards the end of the 2018 school program, and soon, all year levels will be involved in the Headstart program, which means all students will start their 2019 educational programs.


Below are some things to consider.



There are various excursions and events planned for the next few weeks, please ensure you fill out and get signed all relevant forms on time.



Students will keep their current lockers until the end of this year.

Current Year 9 students are required to be at Westall SC until Thursday 20th December.

Current Year 10 students are required to be at Westall SC until Friday 7th December.

Students are asked to clean out their lockers and take their belongings and locks home with them before they leave at the end of the year.

Any locks or equipment left in lockers will be discarded, so please make sure you clear out your locker and take your belongings home with you.



Keep checking Compass for upcoming events and news feeds as this is the main way we     communicate with our learning community.



Please continue to ensure that your attendance is more than 90%, be punctual to all classes and engage with your learning (bring correct equipment and complete class tasks).



All students should be wearing the correct school uniform; this term, students should be in their summer school uniform.

Year 9 Work Experience Workshop

Year 9 students were involved in their first work experience workshop.

This session included:

  • An outline of why work experience is an important program
  • Meeting with the key players in the area of careers
  • The timeline to complete tasks prior to work experience
  • A session of self-discovery in determining what careers and jobs students may be interested in
  • Demonstration and practice session on how to present and meet potential employers face to face or on the phone

Students received a folder with relevant information, and were encouraged to have conversations with their family and the Careers Coordinator.


Happy exploring and remember that Miss Geraldine Borgonha is available in the Careers Office in B-Corridor, if you need further support.  


Mr. Tom Tahos

Years 9 and 10

Old Melbourne Gaol Excursion


On Tuesday, 16th October, students in the Forensic Science class were invited to visit 'The Old Melbourne Goal' to partake in various workshops revolving crime, the law and mysterious unsolved investigations. 


We were first greeted by our tour instructor and we were given a formal expedition of the goal. Throughout the course of the tour we had the chance to discuss and ask questions about the goal, elaborating on topics we learnt in our Forensics lessons prior to the excursion, and other information we found interesting during the guide.


As the tour was coming to an end, our group was given the liberty to roam around the goal for ourselves to explore the cell blocks. Without the supervision and guidance of our tour instructor, the walls of the goal suddenly felt ominous and an eerie sensation fell upon us all. Perhaps it was our imaginations, but the room unexpectedly felt cold, walking past the gallows. It was a surreal moment for us all, standing directly under the noose of where previous convicts, such as the notorious Ned Kelly, got hanged 100 years ago on the very spot; it sent a chill down each of our spines! 


Immediately after the tour, we were sent to the 'Watch house', where we were 'arrested', upon meeting with a Charge Sergeant (our tour instructor), and experienced what it was to be locked up inside the cells. The tour was incredibly riveting and our guide made sure he stayed in character throughout the time, making the experience all the more exciting and engaging. 


After lunch, we went to 'The Old Magistrates Court', where we got a first hand taste of the justice system. We were given a case on culpable driving and students were given the unique opportunity to take on roles being a judge, jury, witness, attorney and many more, acting out a script for a case.


Overall, the experience was truly fascinating. We can definitely say that all of us came out of the excursion awed, amazed and a little spooked. I would like to acknowledge Miss Moore for accompanying us on the excursion and providing wonderful support and guidance for the students, the staff and presenters for the wonderful day we had, as it would not have been made possible without their dedicated contribution towards this excursion. Above all, thank you to our amazing Forensic Science teacher, Mr Vi, for organising, guiding and allowing us to experience such a remarkable excursion, and also putting an immense amount of trust in permitting us (after relentless begging of course), to explore the city for lunch.


Arnetta W 10D