Senior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning

- Ms. Hari Nikolaou

I would like to acknowledge Mr Jarrod Johnstone for the work he has undertaken as Acting Director of Learning in the Senior School, in my absence. I would also like to acknowledge all the staff and students who have welcomed me on my return. For those of you who were unaware, l participated in a Department of Education program designed to develop school leaders. Although l undertook university studies throughout the year, l was also required to undertake a placement in another school, which explains my absence from Westall.


We are currently busy in the Senior School, finalising results for the 2018 academic year, and, preparing students for 2019. Most of our Year 12 students have completed the majority of their VCAA examinations. The final few exams next week are language exams, which some of our students will be sitting; we wish them well.


The Year 11 exams will run from the 21st to 29th November (a copy of the exam timetable is attached).  It is important that students are preparing for their exams. This year, exams will cover content from both Units 1 and 2 to prepare students for the type of exam at the end of Year 12.


Students need to know how to respond to particular types of questions. 

How do you answer short answer questions in comparison to extended respond questions?

What is the best way to exclude options in multiple choice question?

When planning an essay, what tools can assist you to stay on task?


It is important to start exam preparation early to give yourself the best chance of consolidating your understanding, which will help you to excel in your exams.


Check your exam timetable, arrive in plenty of time to avoid becoming stressed.


Get a good night's sleep  - no one's brain works very well when you are tired.


Make sure that you bring a clear water bottle into the exam – dehydration will impact on your ability to focus.

2019 programs will be reviewed over the next few weeks.

Remember that the Head Start program begins on the 3rd of December.


Ms. Hari Nikolaou

2018 Units 1 and 2  

Exam Timetable